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Monday, 01 March 2010



I think what would be even better is the choice of fried rice over white rice with the spam and eggs. But then, that's just me. :)


Hi Kirk, I visited this place last year and I unfortunately couldn't make a post out of it. The Pho, cha gio, and Bulgogi Tacos were difficult to write about. People as you mentioned were super nice. Darn


Hi Carol - But if it's Spam fried rice, it'll be kinda redundant......

Hi Dennis - The folks here are really nice..... but you gotta be honest, and who knows......


at least they didn't screw up the spam...


Hi Kat - thank goodness!!!

I see surprisingly often mexican cooks in chinese/taiwanese restaurants (e.g. lunch at 168 etc.) so perhaps this restaurant has also a mexican cook and he is allowed to add some "his" cuisine to the mix.


Hi TFOJ - Actually it's a Vietnamese family running the place and cooking. I didn't see any Hispanic guys in the kitchen. By this logic, I guess one cook would have to be Japanese to make teriyaki, and then there's the Korean cook for the Korean BBQ ribs..... ;o) I don't recall any Mexican dishes at 168...... Most restaurants have Mexicans in the kitchen.... I really can't recall seeing anything resembling Mexican food on the menu at say, Wal Mi Do, Sushi Ota, Hal Mu Ni, etc...... In other words, that logic is a bit of a stretch.


Come on if they screw up the spam it's not worth the effort.


My husband and I ate here for the first time a few weeks ago. I really liked it! The portions were smaller than we are used to seeing in the various Asian restaurants we visit but I thought the ingredients were far superior in quality. We ordered the papaya salad and it was the best one I have had outside of Thailand, the beef stew which came with a baguette and was ultra yummy, and a noodle dish with grilled shrimp. The noodle dish was our favorite out of the three but all of them were delicious and definitely worth getting again.


Hi Bill - THey did ok on the Spam.

Hi Heather - Thanks for taking the time out to comment. I gotta say.... that I think the food is a bit dumbed down, but I'm glad you enjoyed the place. But for me, the flavors were watered down.


Too bad about the dumbed down food. Hate that.
Sounds like they need to edit the menu at the very least. If a place is as all over the map, as this place seems to be, the food is bound to be mediocre.
BTW, did you see that Sab E Lee 1 was mentioned in AAA's Westways Magazine this month?


Hi Stephen - I agree! I'm glad Sab E Lee is getting good pub! It does mean that the place is going to be pretty crazy again.


I love how it's possible to get Spam and eggs and rice at a restaurant! No such luck here - I have to cook it at home!


Hi Su-Lin - All the Hawaiian BBQ joints here serve Spam, and even a couple of places like Com Tam 75.

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