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Wednesday, 03 March 2010



Nice that you ate at least one thing you liked and that it was complimentary. =)

Eat. Travel. Eat!

The roasted duck does look fabulous. Ja Jiang Mian for me seems to have always been bland wherever I eat it! Is it supposed to be that way or is it that I's just haven't eaten enough versions yet? I've only been to one place where I think the sauce is flavorful.


too bad about the bulk of those dishes, I'm glad you will be giving them another chance :)


The jjajang myeon (or whatever the romanization) is a Chinese dish, and a lot of Koreans know this, or they should! You have to be careful ordering from a non Chinese-Korean reastuarant will get a jjajang myeon different than what a Korean is expecting, or having Chinese friends ordering jjaja myeon from a Chinese-Korean restaurant and telling me this isn't jjajang myeon. :P

Yeah I have been called a liar by both Korean and Chinese in this regard. Oh well. *shrug*

Man the food looks so good. Oh the duck is making me hungry!


Hi Lynnea - That duck was wuite good.

Hi ETE - I've had some pretty salty JJM, usually a ton of bean paste.

Hi Kat - I think they'll need a bit of time to get things straightened out.

Hi Mills - Isn't that funny......


Aww, too bad about the XLB. When I stopped in, the lady was talking about how the dumplings are handmade and stuff. She was really good at promoting the place. I want to go in and try the beef noodle soup.


hi kirk
i liked the 5 spice beef at their mira mesa location... pix looked good.

by the way, pho hiep is now open at eastlake village walk (took the place of the old crappy trophy's).


Sigh, I hope this location doesn't become like the one in RB. I'm not sure if I'm happy or disappointed knowing the chef used to be at Mandarin Garden. We usually only stuck to a few dishes there when we lived in MM. But most of the stuff were so ABCDE, even for the Mister. And let's not talk about their "Chinese" breakfast items on the weekend. :-p


Hi kirbie - XLB didn't strike me as being made inhouse for some reason.

Hi CC - Wow, Pho Hiep is building their own little empire!

Hi Carol - For some reason, I just don't think an overly ABCDE place will fly on Convoy.


Kirk - Yeah it is funny now, but then trying to convince people that yes it is a chinese dish, or yes it is a version of jja jang myeon can get on your nerves. For the most part I just let it slide now. :P Too much of a headache! LOL Too bad I can't get the korean or chinese version here. :( But luckily I have family and friends who send me stuff. :) Now to get the noodles... :)


Oh no! Xiao Long Bao with leaking soup is always a disappointment :(


Hi Liz - Yes...... it doesn't make the restaurant look like it knows what it's doing either.

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