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Tuesday, 30 March 2010



In all my years of living in MM, I never once went to Tan Ky Mi Gia...


this soup with noodles sounds like a great way to feel better!


Hi Rosa - Too bad.... it's not great, but the prices are reasonable, and decent bowl of soup does the trick sometimes.

Hi Kat - Yes, it is...... there's a storm coming our way, so it might mean more noodle soup for me.


All the noodle bowls look good. I can see why they are good when under the weather. Maybe they should just bottle it and sell it as Love Potion #9. ;-)


"though it could just be a figment of my nuttiness"....HAHAHAH!!! That had to be THE best line of the blog!

I've never had this type of soup. I've always stuck w/ the pho. BUT, i've been wanting to try it!

Is it KINDA like taiwanese beef noodle soup? I think that's my anticipation (or desire!) for it to taste like. Is this the one that's served w/ a french bread on the side?

Nicely written post! Great pics too!


Hi Carol - Maybe we should... LOL!

Hi Faye - I'm glad you enjoyed that line.... I've been accussed of perhaps being a little... well, nutty! ;o) It really isn't like NRM, lacking in the anise tones. Vietnamese Sate is basically a shallot/chili/oil and other ingredients like lemongrass sauce, that is used as a dipping sauce or added as fflavor to dishes.... I guess I'm thinknig more in terms of XO Sauce, or something like that. I believe the dish you're referring to is Banh Mi Bo Kho - a basic Beef Stew with Bread. Now that is good stuff. Here is one of my favorite versions in San Diego:

Have fun checking out the variety of soups out there!


sounds like a yummy combo! noddles and beef.


Hi Lynnea - Yes, it's hard to go wrong with that!


Ahhhh, this is why I love coming here, another delicious sounding soup to try! When I see Sate, I think sweet gloopy peanut butter sauce, but this sounds really good.


Hi FH - Thanks!

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