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Monday, 01 February 2010



New LATE night and GOOD raman... plus for San Diego and all us ramen eaters! I may just have to stop by for lunch tomorrow.

Did you happen to notice if they took credit card? Also, do they do any soba or udon?

Thanks Kirk! =)


Cool, I still have a chance to check them out tonight!? I'm so happy about an alternative spot for a shio and shoyu ramen.


Hi Derek - Yes to credit cards, no to udon or soba.

Hi Dennis - It's great news for you night owls! ;o)


ramen (w/o corn) would be good right now!

ed (from Yuma)

Damn. I want a bowl of ramen and I want it NOW!


Just the egg alone got me...


Looks like a good spot, I've been prowling for good ramen this winter, and I sometimes crave it plain and simple too...


Hi Kat - Yes.... I guess I'm just not a big fan of corn in my ramen.

Hi Ed - This was a nicely done bowl.

Hi Bill - Man, that egg.... I ight just have to order an extra one next time.

Hi FH - A good bowl is so comforting....


I thought of eating there last night, but decided against it due to first day jitters.

It sure looks good!

Where is the first branch of Yakyudori located?


Thanks for the post! I was so excited to see a review on this place as I'm a huge fan of their Hillcrest location. Did they mention when they might obtain the liquor license? I CANNOT wait for them to start serving yakitori.

Is this location next to the drive thru Starbucks and Dixie Line?


That egg looks really yummy...

What do you think about the ramen at Tajima?


Tried it out last night with some friends. The shio and the shoyu are winners. I was a little underwhelmed by the miso. Very old-school style. Since they did not have a liquor license yet, we brought in some beers. They were totally cool with that.


Just found your blog--searching for nutritional info for El Portal Fresh Mex Grill. Love all the great info here...will bookmark this in my favorites


I agree with Bill and Rosa, that egg looks really amazing.

Can't wait to try this out. Thanks for being brave and trying it during the grand opening =)


Hey Sandy - The original location is at 3739 6th Street in Hillcrest. It's Yakitori only, and is quite good. It is also very busy....

Hi Faye - The signs just say coming soon..... And yes, it's next to Starbuck's by Dixieline.

Hi Rosa - Here's my last visit to Tajima for ramen:

I was severely underwhelmed. I think they've slipped over the years.

Hi Kamisama - I agree, it's comfort food.

Hi Beth - Welcome, and thanks for commenting. I hope we're able to provide some useful info for you!

Hi Lynnea - They seem to be doing real well. I think that's the product of their soft opening.


hi kirk
i haven't tried that kind of ramen before but it sounds good (the milky pork bone one)...what place do you recommend for that?


Hi CC - There would only be one recommendation for Tonkotsu in San Diego - Santouka. I like the Shio Ramen there, the Miso Ramen is very salty. Next time you go to Little Tokyo - check out Daikokuya.


Just got back from a visit and totally agreed with your assessment on the egg - it was fantastic! They still seemed to have some hiccups: I went with a friend who got the miso ramen, and they brought his corn on the side because they forgot to add it during assembly. I had the shoyu ramen, which I really liked. If I had to pick something to complain about, it would be the simplistic flavors of the broth.

I also tried the karaage - rather dense, and without any sauces. So it seems that it might be best to wait until yakitori is on the menu before getting any sides.

Credit card for purchases > $10. (which really isn't legal, but every place does it anyway) And they only take Visa or Mastercard.


thanks kirk!


Hi Hao - Actually this type of ramen broth seems pretty "simple", but there's some pretty complex flavors going on. Just compare it to to say.... Chopstix or Gunco.

Hi CC - No problem, enjoy!

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