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Sunday, 21 February 2010


ed (from Yuma)

Just read the last two posts, and for some odd reason, I am really hungry for a burger. Go figure.


I remember those. We used to go all the time as kids, and they were pretty divey. I don't know something about Weevil Burger just isn't that appetizing. But then, neither was Boll Weevil. Wonder why they would choose a name like that.
Burger looks pretty good.
Are you gonna go to the new Bob's Big Boy out at Parkway Plaza? (They also have one in Temecula). Now that's a childhood memory. I want to go, but I'm kinda thinking it might spoil the memory.


Just fresh patty cooked to order and nice toasty bread. How hard can it be? Yet some place can't do it right.


I understand completely, ed. Hope you can find a good one in Yuma.

I think originally it was called Cotton Patch, Stephen. Perhaps whomever took over was passive-aggressive...Everytime we have gone the El Cajon Big Boy, it's crazy busy. I did want to do it, and will, just not for Burger Week. The Elias Brothers Big Boy-in the Detroit area are unchanged. {It's Bob's out here, Elias there and Shoney's down South}.
You'd think everyone could, but so many can't, Bill. I'm always happy when I find a good place.


More info. on this "tray of condiments" please, in the pic I see tubs with pickles/onions/etc. are you to tell me that people dip into these and top their own burgers? I can just see some kid sticking his/her dirty fingers into the pickle tub - GROSS!


Welcome to the commenting side of our blog, ALRUI. Yes, that is the Traditional Tray of Condiments...For more than 20 years at all Boll Weevils and their imitators. There are also forks and knives on that TToC. I've always seen parents taking items out of the containers for their children and never have been concerned. It's kind of the same as the pickle jar on the table at DZAikens, or all the salsa bars at taco shops...or even the pickle area at Fred's, as well as the condiments on every table at almost every Vietnamese restaurant where I eat.

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