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Sunday, 07 February 2010



u didnt, they won! good comeback from 1st qtr too! coral tuna brings back home lunch sandwiches when i was little, good stuff!


Aw man, that looks so good.. I love the perfect thickness of your sliced tomatoes!
I haven't had a lot of sandwiches lately but mine is pretty boring - a turkey club blt with avocados. Wait I take that back, a grilled pork banh mi! duh.. :)


Hi Sara - Whew.... I'm glad I didn't jinx them! Coral Tuna is so comforting to me!

Hi Dennis - You're looking at tomatoes! I'm guessing it's the after-effects of your very detail oriented line of work. Sandwiches are great..... but which sandwiches bring you comfort? Nothing boring about a turkey club BLT.... if it's good! Though turkey club BLT sounds a bit redundant.... I believe that a classic club always has turkey (and bacon of course)!


The fish biologist in me is confused: Is it Yellowfin Tuna (typically marketed as Ahi tuna), Bigeye Tuna (according to wikipedia, Ahi refers to Bigeye in Hawaiian), or Skipjack Tuna (what you normally get when it says Chunk Light Tuna)?

The foodie in me thinks that sandwich looks awfully tasty.


Hi Hao - My childhood friend's Grandmother used to work for Coral while it was still based in Hawaii - Kewalo Basin. In those days it used to be Bigeye, at least that's what I recall. These days, who knows??? I'll find you a can.


mm tuna with bf mayo the best! now add some kim chee in there :)


I'm not sure I could tell the difference, even if it was a whole fish not in a can! :)

dilegent diletante

How did the red beans n rice turn out? Would love an simple recipe if u haven't posted it b4. Also tuna is one of my cravings for sammies as well...I l ike to control for light mayo and no onions so I get ur preferences as well. Don't forget the pickles! :)


hi kirk
wow, i've never heard of coral tuna.

if i had to pick tuna, i'd be loyal to my mom and pick starkist. she used to work for the cannery back in the late 70's when it used to be in san diego.


My all time favorite sandwich is cheddar cheese, mayo, and alfalfa sprouts on whole wheat. My second favorite is cream cheese and strawberry preserves on whole wheat. As for beans and rice, never tried it, the Mexican half of me says the only real bean is a pinto bean, and the Japanese half doesn't want to mix beans and rice together.


Best Food is the best unadulterated mayo for anything.


Man, the other night I threw some chicken breast strips in the oven and made a chicken strip and iceberg on untoasted whole wheat with may sandwich. It was really good. But my wife really loves tuna too.

Can you get coral tuna in San Diego, or did it come via care package?


Hi Kat - Kim Chi w/Tuna Salad! hmmmm.....

Hi Hao - Funny thing.... when I was a kid, I could always tell that Mom was cutting cornes, and not using the "right" tuna. Nowadays, I eat this so infrequently, that I may not be able to tell the difference.

Hi DD - Here's my red beans and rice recipe. It seems like a lot, but it's very easy.

Hi CC - Brand loyalty!! LOL!

Hi AZ - LOL! Then what does the Japanese side of you say about Sekihan.... of course the use of azuki would then cause huge inner turmoil with the pinto bean side of the brain.... I won't even go into Frijoles Negros Refritos, that would probably cause an embolism! ;o)

Hi Bill - So true......

Hi Jan - I get it at Marukai. Funny thing is, for much of the "local kine stuff", you'll need to go into the Marukai Living Shop, not the market.


Coral tuna. Man, I haven't seen that for awhile. good stuff.


Sprouts on a tuna sandwich is one of the best combos. And I agree, never order tuna salad in a restaurant. It's always disappointing.


WHO DAT!! Yay Saints!

I am not a big tuna salad sandwich fan to be honest but that does look pretty good. The thick toasted bread...mmm... I'm more of an egg salad person myself. And I agree with you completely on proportions.


Hi Michael - It's the only brand I'll eat..... if they ever stop making it, it'll be a sad day for me.

Hi Lynnea - You're right.... thr sprouts are a wonderful addition.

Hi Rosa - In these days of huge, overstuffed sandwiches.... it seems folks have forgotten the simple, yet perfect proportion of ingredients....

make roux

Good for you for using the REAL THING -- Camellia brand red beans!!

WOO! Been a Saints fan since I was a baby growing up in Cajun country! Bless you Saints!


Hi MR - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! There's no excuse for not using the "real deal" if it's available..... I've been told that Savoie's is not very good, but it was all I could find. Jacob's is the brand a friend of mine recommended, though it has to shipped.....


tuna salad sandwiches are my favorite. recently they've become tuna salad melt paninis - tuna salad (NOT oozing, mind you) with tomatoes and a slice of provolone on sourdough, pressed to golden crispy goodness.

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