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Monday, 08 February 2010


Wandering Chopsticks

Yay! You checked it out. I've wondered as I've driven past if it would be worth a trip.

Actually, between the teriyaki bowl and before Yunnan 168, it was a Gourmet Steakhouse. Didn't seem to have many customers though.


I've had a few Spike Burgers in my school days.... The cold eggplant looks delicious!


I'm bad with chopsticks especially if they are those slippery plastic types, I would've needed a spoon for those beans.


Grasshopper, eating smalls diced beans prepares you for greater gastronomical challenges. Don't be dissuade by the site grasp your inner GI and forage on it's like eating those d@mn slipper legumes - aka peanuts and bun bo hue noodles. Ahhhhh! I feel you, but for some reason you'll keep punishing yourself and come back for more.


Hi WC - They do have the "usual suspects" for Yunnan Restaurants in LA - Crossing the Bridge Noodles - which you might want to try, one food historian believes that it influenced Pho. Also dried Yunnan Beef which the Missus hates but I enjoy, and Yunnan Preserved Pork (ham), amogn others.

Hi Dennis - The Eggplant was pretty good.

Hi Kat - Really? You'd be the last person I think that would have a problem.

Hi Bill - LOL! Just give me a spoon already!!! ;o)

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Those appetizers sure look yummy; I've driven by this place several times but have never tried it. Good to hear that it is good! The pea sprouts in broth though are quite unusual. Haven't seen them like that before.

I was going to say that Yunnan 168 used to be a Gourmet House place but Wandering Chopsticks beat me to it :).


Hi ETE - Gotta watch the salt level on the dishes.... I have a feeling that they over-salt. The appetizers were good, and I would probably be happy with just those.


Oh, I love the look of that eggplant! I wish the Sichuan restaurants here had a cold appetiser buffet thingy!


Hi Su-Lin - Funny, all the Sichuan/Yunnan restaurants worth mentioning have cold dishes. I've just come to take it for granted.

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