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Tuesday, 02 February 2010



hi kirk
wow, i just commented on one of your previous posts and then when i refreshed, this post was here! quick!!!

we were just in the little tokyo area a couple of weeks ago...wanted to check out that shopping center but had other things on our agenda. yes, it did look abandoned. will have to check it out again on a future road trip


Hi CC - That's because you have such impeccable timing! ;o) We used to go down to Little Tokyo almost every other week when we lived in LA. It sure has changed over the last couple of years.


Any day that involves lau lau is a good day.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

What a great deal for lunch :). The seafood looks like as if it was almost being tipped over as it was so large.

Dave -nibbleanibble

Little Tokyo used to be really awesome. But recently, it has only been going down hill.


Wow look at that chirashi! Looks great.


the sashimi looks good! love the sayings at the end.


The only problem I have with the sheet is the last part. It makes you feel like a total loser! ;)

Interesting that they attract a clientele known for taking it slow, when the place is only open for an hour for lunch on weekdays!


Hi Thirtyeyes - You are so right!

Hi ETE - This was well worth the price for us.

Hi Dave - Japanese Village Plaza looks like it's going strong, and of course there was a usual super long line outside Daikokuya. Lots of changes since we last visited.

Hi Dennis - The Missus loved it!

Hi Kat- Pretty neat, huh? The family that runs Sushi Go 55 and Haru Ulala have been in the busniess for 60 years or so.... enough time to come up with something like that.

Hi Jan - The way I see things.... it gives me somthing to strive for. Though there's only one thing I require daily.... I try to have a good laugh everyday.

BTW, lunch is from 1115 to 215 on weekdays, three hours.


Oh, I'm so happy you went to Little Tokyo and did this post. After my last quick trip with Boyfriend, I was overwhelmed by all the different restaurants and didn't know what to check out. This place looks like something both Boyfriend and I will like. I can't wait to check it out!


The Mister and I were just saying it's been so long since we've been to Little Tokyo. Maybe a trip is in our near future!


Yummy! Sounds like a fun day off!


Hi Kirbie - Little Tokyo sure has changed in the last couple of years. Sushi Gen and Sushi Go 55 looks like good lunch spots for no frills, standard sushi and sashimi. For the same during the evening, Sushi Komasa is another place for reasonably priced no frills sushi.

Hi Carol - I'm sure you'll find the amount of changes interesting.

Hi Lynnea - It was a yummy day off!

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