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Thursday, 11 February 2010



So is pastrami better with roughage or without? Then again the meat might be a little to over powering.
But heck I ain't going to be picky where there is none to be found where I live.


Love love love pastrami sandwiches. I confess that I'm a sucker for Togo's pastrami (very thinly sliced but lots of it). Antonelli's is a bit too far just for a sandwich but it does look good.


The lettuce and tomatoes complimented the warm meat and kraut, Bill. It was different than most of the pastrami sandwiches I have had, not bad. The soft rye, without the layer of cheese to protect it, got mushy in a good, juicy way.

Togo's will be mentioned soon Carol. The meat here was also plentiful and thinly sliced and the crispy fat just made it so nice for me.


If you go at lunchtime, you should call in your order beforehand as there is usually at least a 30 minute wait after ordering the sandwich.

My favorite is the #1, a Sub Sandwich with ham , salami. mortadella and provolone cheese. The owner told me he thinks the capocollo and cheese is his best sandwich.


Wow...that sounds great. And I'm a huge fan of BMH.


Yes, the subs here are really good, scott. I will do a follow up post on my other favorites. You are right about how crowded it gets. No parking in the lot most weekdays.
It is really good, James. I hit BMH when I am in La Mesa and Antonellis when I am in that part of El Cajon. I just had never thought to blog about either until recently. There are other sandwich places around'll see.


DZ Akins has great pastrami too. And they're a bit closer. Pastrami with mayo, lettuce and tomatoes? Say it ain't so. LOL. A little spicy mustard with the sandwich and the kraut is all ya need. =]


You caught that, Stephen:)There was mustard on the pastrami side. I eat the lettuce/tomato/mayo as a salad when I scrape it off...thanks for reading my posts. I will be doing a DZAikins one also-I love their rye-but it is farther away for me.

Kelly the K

Elijah's (La Jolla near Whole Foods, and Del Mar) has a pastrami on homemade fresh-baked rye bread that's got my vote for best pastrami ever, it's really hard to beat. It's succulent and flavorful. The corned beef is a real winner, too. Their chicken soup is worth checking out as well, it tastes like they make it fresh daily. Show up between 2:30-5:30 on M-F and you can get several of their regular-menu items at a discount.


Pastrami with mayo lettuce and tomato? You communist! lol

DZ Aikens - ton of meat, rye bread, russian dressing or mustard. Only other stuff might be acceptable is another type of meat, cole slaw and/or cheese.

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