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Thursday, 25 February 2010



Hi Kirk - question - what is the difference b/w adobada vs al pastor? When i ask for al pastor at Mexican places, most times, they'll just say 'oh we have adobada, same thing'. I thought al pastor had pineapple or some sort of citrus flavors in it right?

I like your 'taco crawl' concept!


Hi Faye - In San Diego taco shop terms it is usually the same thing. The thing you really want is to make sure it's grilled on a vertical spit. Anything on vertical spit is usually called Al Pastor. Adobada can mean different things depending on region, but here it is usually the same achiote based paste/marinade... versus the more stew like Adobo.


yummy! the photos came out so nice.


ack! craving tacos now :)


Hi Lynnea - Thanks.... they are a bit too bright....

Hi Kat - Time for you to head out to Ola!!! ;o)


Oh man I'm think I am taco-ed out.
Made fish tacos last weekend and had it all weekend. I was surprise that fillet flounder was up for the task.


Hi Bill - FLounder is a nice firm whitefish, and would do good in fish tacos.


hmmmm 12 tacos eh? that's a lotta tacos! sigh, you have set my craving for the day...


Hey FH - Actually it wasn't too hard to do....

Kaila S | outdoor kitchen

Wow those tacos look delicious, and what a fun idea to do a taco crawl. Can't say I've ever tried that myself, but have to admit it would be pretty fun to do! My favorite place here in Phoenix serves some great crispy tacos, and when I head to Mexico (to Puerto Penasco) I have to always stop at this by the road cart (looks almost exactly like the ones above). Mmm authentic!!


Hi Kaila - I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Great tacos are so delici-yoso.


Hi Kirk, I was here last night with friends.. first time. I really enjoyed my carnitas tacos too! :)


Hi Dennis - You're on quite a "taco kick" recently!

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