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Saturday, 06 February 2010


Loren Casuto

You might want to try the Studio Diner, best diner i've found in San diego




Hi Loren - This is what my last experience at Studio Diner was.... we were ignored, and two couples who came after us were seated first. When I asked why, I was dismissed...... Before I can determine whether I enjoy the food, I'd like to be able to eat the food.... aside from the almost raw burger I had several years back.

Hi Kat - Double :(


I'm especially sad about the hash brown - that's why I won't order them because they're often undercooked and oily. Same problem with rosti :(


"All right, everybody be cool! This is a robbery!"

Looks like the diner could have been in Pulp Fiction!

I've only been to Keith's once - not my choice...the food was not memorable...


OMG! I've driven by this place a zillion times while visiting my aunts in Scripps Ranch. Thanks for the report. The food looks *interesting*.


Hi Kirk, I parked under that sign and took a photo of it just a couple weeks back. I didn't go in at the time. You saved me the trip back. But I really liked their sign, haha.


Hi Meemalee - It's quite amazing how hard it seems to be to make potatoes properly.

Hi CC - It's too bad they demolished Hawthorne Grill.

Hi G - Yes, it is interesting....

Hi Dennis - It's hard to resist that sign! ;o)


Ah too bad! We went for the first time for breakfast the weekend before last and were pleased with the food. My hashbrowns weren't bad at all. I wonder if you got kitchen staff that was in training (and not subject to the main dinner rush)?


Hi Jan - There looked to be two guys in the kitchen....... they both seemed to be pretty experienced.


HI Kirk, I love diners. Funny about the guys asking about how the mushrooms were sauteed. hehe. You don't go into a Jack in the Box and ask what kind of meat they have. it's gray it's warm ya just eat it.


Its funny. This is the 'new' location. The old location was on National City Blvd. just before you get on I-5.

I have a long long history with Keith's. We used to go there a lot when I was a kid. They were pretty good in the 70s. They'd even light the fireplace and stuff at night when It was cold.

Over the decades since then I have seen Keith's go from good, to meh, to pretty bad, to dangerous.

My last visit gave me food poisoning...and it was from the simple egg breakfast! This was a couple of years ago. So very sad!

Interestingly, Keiths started out in the 50s as a drive-in and was heading in the McDonalds direction...they were famous for their fries, burgers, and chicken. Somebody missed the boat, me thinks.

Now the original Keith's in NC has finally died and has become Aunt Emmas. Good had become a sad reminder of where we've gone as a society.


I used to go to Keiths all the time for breakfast. They had THE best chicken fried steak and eggs. Something about their gravy made me lose my mind (in a good way!). When i had their hash browns, it was always quite good. Super crispy and nicely done. Maybe the breakfast servings at night aren't as good as in the mornings??


Hi Michael - And that woman was sooo nice.... i'd have probably shot back with a sarcastic "and would you like to see our wine list????"

Hi MrM - That's interesting..... and a bit sad.....

Hi Faye - I dunno, but this was a fairly lousy meal. Some of the blandest chicken fried steak I've ever had. It could be that I worked in the South for almost two years, and had some pretty good chicken fried steak with country gravy.....

The Geonaut

Keith's has kinda gone downhill for me over the last few years, but on the rare occasion that I do end up in here, I recommend their chili cheese fries.


Hi Geonaut - Thanks for the recommendation.... not sure if we'll go back though. Sounds like you and MrM are pretty much in agreement.


If the food at Keith's is no good, maybe it's because the location is cursed. According to the book "Cemeteries of San Diego" (Arcadia Publishing), there was an early-20th-century graveyard just north of Keith's but the "residents" were dug up and moved to Mount Hope Cemetery in the 1960s. You want fries with that poltergeist?


Hi Bruce - Well that would explain why, wouldn't it? ;o) You made my day.....

Lin critic

Hello to the owner
Please just sell the restaurant , you have lost your way.
You are old fashion , and your taste in flood is " POOR".
Close , the place or hire a business's consultant.
Everything plus the food needs to go.
The critic


Hello to Lin "Critic", welcome to our little blog. Since you feel that you need to give advice, here's some for you: Please stop acting like a troll, please go to the place you should feel the most at home; Yelp. your comment adds nothing to the conversation, your approach seems both immature and insulting. Oh, and by the way, since this place closed 2 1/2 years ago, you do realize your comment is in rather poor taste, don't you?
'Nuff said, I'm done feeding the trolls.

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