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Monday, 15 February 2010



Yaaaaay! I had a feeling you would like The Counter. ;)

Sad to hear that the fries were overly salty. Hopefully, it's only a one-time mistake...

The toppings can be a little hit and miss with me. My husband swears by the fried egg, bacon, swiss and mozzarella. I like the roasted corn & black bean salsa, especially on a salad.

And try their shakes next yummy.


Mmm, looks like a great burger!


glad you got a chance to go :) definitely worth it! I loved the roasted red bell peppers on mine! I heard the fried dill chips are supposed to be delicious too :9


The Counter opened up a while ago up in Palo Alto. There's a local story, I think I heard it from a friend, who said some guy ordered every single topping on the menu, just for fun. I think it was some engineer, that's what they do for fun up there.


I got to eat at the San Jose location last year. I thought it was really good. Wonder why they chose Carlsbad as their first location? Not like its central or anything. Although I enjoyed it, I'm not willing to drive 45 minutes for a hamburger no matter how good it is. Glad you enjoyed.


Will definitely stop by for a burger on my next visit to Legoland. :)


I love a plain burger especially when the meat is cooked to order; medium or just until it is warm in the middle. Nothing like saturated fat coating your hands and mouth thus aiding digestion.;-)


Hey Rosa - Thanks again for letting me know they opened in Carlsbad!

Hi Dennis - I really enjoyed this one!

Hi Kat - I mentioned the fried dill pickles.... but the Missus isn't quite onboard with that yet.....

Hi Thiryeyes - That's funny.... man, it would be quite a mess.

Hi Stephen - I think it had something to do with demographics.... folks who are willing to dish out $25 for two burgers.....

Hi Hao - Please do that!

Hi Bill - LOL! I really appreciated the fact that my burger actually arrived medium.


The onion strips are definitely better as a topper to the burger. I've been to the Counter in Carlsbad a few times now, and I must say the sweet potato fries are the best appetizer to go along with the burgers! Perfectly crispy outside, and soft and tender on the inside. Not much salt on them either :)


Oh, I forgot to add that the egg on my burger came out perfectly runny, and the herbed goat cheese added a wonderful tangyness. My bun fell apart the first time, but I opted for the english muffin once and that seemed to fare a bit better.


Never know when you'll be driving up the I-5 and suddenly get a burger craving =)


Mmmmm!! Yummmmm!!! The burger you ordered looks PERFECT. I'd probably try it w/ a fried egg! How was the bun? It doesn't look like an ordinary cheapie bun. You think they bake it there - or maybe have them special ordered? Looks great. Wonderful post!!


Hi Linda - Thanks for the info...... I'm still partial to a plain burger though.

Hi Lyynea - LOL! I'm thinknig they'll expand South in the near future.

Hi Faye - It is the standard Counter bun, but it's a bit higher in quality than the usual hamburger bun. It did handle the "juice" pretty well.

masa assassin

Hey Kirk Thanks for the mention. I lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee Burgers. Those pictures almost gave me a heart attack. I look forward to more burger post. loosen up the ol' belt a coupla notches!


Hi MA - I'm sure you could have a couple since you've already hit all your goals for the year! ;o)

Hannah j

This place looks so good!!!!
I wanna go here :)


Hi Hannah - It's so nice to hear from you, I hope all is well! You should check the Counter out if you have a chance.


It took a while for me to get on board with The Counter and now that I am, I'm on board for good!


Hi Elmo - LOL! If the Counter is always this good, I'll bo onboard pretty quickly myself!

Hannah j

If I am ever in Carlsbad I can bet you I will!!

Life is good but school is hard! Chem is consuming my LIFE!! Anti-lol!

Still readin the blog all the time though! Serves as an awesome distraction from my studies ; D

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