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Thursday, 18 February 2010



OMG! and I thought I was the only one out there who wasn't dazzled by this place? I found the flavor to be lacking as well.Otherwise rings and fries really tasty....for so much.


The one time I went, my burgers weren't overcooked, but they definitely lacked flavor. I would say the turkey is better than the beef, but I've had tastier turkey burgers elsewhere. If I'm ever forced to go there again, maybe I'll try the veggie burger.


I feel vindicated that your experience was similar to mine! What a bland burger. Grass fed beef has such a distinct almost gamey taste, this had nothing.


Hey Mike - I think many are dazzled by the concept........

Hi Kirbie - It was sad since this has got to be the blandest tasting grass fed beef I've had.

Hey Clayfu - What disturbs me, is that they seem to have developed a very generic grass fed beef patty devoid of flavor..... that would be sad.


gosh, if you try the veggie burger....gasp! though it sounds like it had way more flavor than the grass fed one!


I really love the burger lounge, but mainly love the veggie burger as well. My biggest grip there is that the bottom bun always gets soggy. Good burger places know how to combat this!


Hey, Kirk, I had a very similar experience with the burger. Mine was well done, not dry, but not juicy, and lacking beef flavor and seasoning. A big disappointment, but I did enjoy the shakes and onion rings there...


Usually a beef person myself, I've only tried the quinoa burger here. And I must say you should get it next time! Maybe after having a loco moco when everyone feels like ordering something "healthier" ;) It's so nice and moist--although probably not as moist as that tall-grass beef burger you had--and full of flavor.


hi kirk
we tried the burger lounge back in early jan...

we thought the burgers were ok, but were really disappointed in what they called the "kids burger" was basically one tiny slider, plus fries and drink. the burger was basically toddler sized. my daughter is 9 and 1/2 and can eat a regular (not gigantor) sized burger. overpriced....

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Everything looks quite good even if the lounge burger was a disappointment. Haven't seen a true veggie burger patty since when McD's did their healthy eating menu. That was a long time ago!


Your review of their beef burger is spot on. I actually really like the burger lounge, but I only like the turkey burger and the quinoa burger. The fries are nothing to speak of, but the salads are actually pretty good(probably have as many calories as the burger =)).


Hi Kirk, I have friends who love the place so been here and the la jolla location a few times. Thought my burger was so-so especially for the price. They must've switched to chopped onions recently cause all mine were sliced whole (and a bit overpowering). My onion rings were cold twice I visited (la jolla location) but it sounds like they're good when hot. But heard good things about the veggie burger too.


Hi Kirk - I've been there about a dozen times over the past six months and have had great burgers, OK burgers and less than OK burgers. Common element - every time I have a great BL experience, I got a turkey burger. The onion rings are awesome, the fries are pretty good, but like you said, wow, they go limp fast. Wise decision to hold the 1K Island - it turns the burger into a sloppy mess.

And BTW, even though it closed almost three years ago, I still miss Just Fabulous, which used to occupy the BL space.


nice to see you in our neck of the 'hood kirk. the turkey burger is so good at burger lounge that i haven't had the grass fed beef burger in a long time. hope you give BL another shot.


I had read a lot of positive reviews of this place,
so I have it a try. To tell you the truth, I don't even remember what the burger tasted like.
From what I remember, the Counter was better. I've been wanting to try Hodads, another San Diego landmark I've yet to try.
Good thing I found this blog, so I can catch up on all the restaurants I've missed while living here. LOL


" the burger lacked flavor"
yup, that was my thought on this place too. each time i have been, after the first bite i think 'this burger is great!'. then i quickly realize that i am enjoying the cheese and buttered and grilled bun and all the extras. not the actual burger. that has no taste.


Hi Kat -Double gasp!!! ;o)

Hi Sharon - Yes, places either toast the bun, or use "lettuce protection".

Hi Linda - LOL! I've never, ever said the phrase, "you know, I'm feeling like a veggie burger tonight." But perhaps I should in the case of BL.

Hi CC - The burgers do seem a bit puny for almost eight bucks.

Hi ETE - You know, the Missus also enjoyed the veggie burger at the Counter.

Hi Lynnea - I guess it is the veggie and turkey that puts the "burger" in Burger Lounge.

Hi Howie - I was really disappointed in that burger.

Hi Dennis - The onion rings are great when hot.... but cold onion rings..... seems like they aren't making them to order.

Hi James - I had been told that the Turkey Burger was good..... I guess I need to clarify, and call it "Beef Burger week"? ;o) It seems that the veggies and turkeys are taking over! ;o)

Hi Paul - I'm sure we'll be back since the Missus loved that quinoa burger.

Hi Stephen - If you do Hodad's, you'll need to get a bacon cheeseburger...... it ain't the same without the bacon.

Hi Dave - From all the comments, it now seems unanimous!

Green Turtle

You should check out Cheeburger Cheeburger in Carmel Mountain. The meat was definitely red in the middle when I ate there last.


I hear that. It is ALL about seasoning! Good seasoning with low quality ingredients = bad seasoning with good quality ingredients = passable.


Hi GT - So many burgers.... so little time! ;o)

Hi Jan - It's hard to understand..... you're supposed to be using very high quality ingredients, and you don't season.

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