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Tuesday, 09 February 2010



everything looked so hot (temp wise) but comforting!


Hi Kirk, I've been wanting to try the Seolleongtang for Seolleongtime! I used to think this was oxtail soup but seems I was wrong.. still would like to try it one of these days.


Hi Kat - It does hit the spot during the winter!

Hi Dennis - I believe Gori Gomtang is what referring to? A couple of places refer to their milky oxtail soup as Sullungtang, so that's where it can get confusing. Don't forget to salt you Sullungtang.


ahhh, the crunchy rice crust looks so good, what happened to the pancake? well, now I am definitely craving Korean food.


When in San Diego, I always go to Dae Jang Keum for dolsot bibimbap. I like the gochujang sauce there.

Now I'm craving soondubu...and bulgogi!


It's been a while since I've had Korean food and like you said, Kirk, this weather is just calling out for Korean food! I'll have to stop by this weekend to get my fill.


Your pictures of the rice look so delicious. Perfectly crispy!


Oh man Kirk! Way to make ppl crave Korean food on a cold day (like today!). This place looks great. How would you compare it to Do Re Mi? Where is this place located (and 'landmarks' you can suggest to look for when driving around looking for this place?). Wonderful post - pics are mouthwatering!


Hi FH - That Haemul Pajun was a total fail.....

Hi Rosa - Thanks for the tip..... I haven't had the Dolsot Bi Bim Bap at DJM. I used to like it three owners ago when it still Boo Cho. I haven't been to impressed with DJK in spite of the fact they use charcoal.

Hi Carol - This is perfect Chigae weather.

Hi Kirbie - I felt so bad that you were mislead by the U-T.

Hi Faye - Personally, I think the quality of the ingredients is better here. I do prefer the Soondoubu and Kimchi Chigae at Do Re Mi House. I think the previous owners of Do Re Mi House produced better food. The panchan at Hal Mu Ni is much better. My Korean friends are not impressed with Do Re Mi House, and refuse to go there with me. Hal Mu Ni is the former Rice King on Convoy, behind Roberto's.


hi kirk
i've got to try that crispy rice dish! i love crunchy things!


I agree with you Dolsot Bi Bim Bap must have that burnt rice at the bottom otherwise what's the point.


Hi CC - You haven't had Dolsot Bi Bim Bap...... you'll need to check it out!

Hi Bill - Exactly!!!

diligent diletante

Dang this place looks awesome. Do they have a lunch special menu?


Hi DD - Sorry to say no lunch menu... though you can get 2 soondae guk for $9.99 (eat in only).

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