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Friday, 08 January 2010


ed (from Yuma)

Wow! Looks amazin. I love fresh baked real bread. Yum. Do you make deliveries? ;-)


I love Wholesome Choice! I used to go there once a week when I worked in Irvine. The wait at the Persian food stall can take up to 30 minutes during the lunch and dinner hours. Mmmm... sumac...


That post just made my day! But made me sad that we don't have something like that here in SD (or do we??). All the items looks so fresh and yummy. Nice post!


I can deliver halfway and meet you in El Centro, ed :). The bread turns into a cracker overnight, however I only made that mistake once. If you freeze it, it comes back to life in the toaster oven. Of course, that would mean you had some left over...
As you can see from the photos, we were there very early, Darlene and missed the crowds. Not all the food was out, but enough for a good meal was available at 10 a.m.
Hi Faye. El Cajon. The only grocer I've found making the fresh bread (besides Ali Baba making it in-house ) is the El Cajon International Market, which happens to be on the same block as Ali Baba, just across the street, but is a very small store. It has a small steam tray area that is wonderful, but again, maybe 10 selections...nothing liek Wholesome Choice. However, yesterday I saw new construction a bit farther East on Main Street which looks promising based on signage.


Wow, that bread is huge! That and some fresh hummus would make a great snack right now.


hi cathy - wow that place looks fantastic! there's something similar to that (but in much much much smaller scale) at north park produce in chula vista down where i live. they have a wide variety of international items, a cheese, sausage and olive bar, as well as a newly opened mediterranean deli.


Oh Carol. The baba gannouj I got last week in Anaheim Hills is made with *chunks* of fresh grilled eggplant and is so good. I didn't mention it, but the fresh bread is *hot* through that piece of butcher block paper. It is a wonderful snack that can turn into a meal...
I went to the El Cajon location of NPP just yesterday, CC, and it has gotten better, and there was a fresh flatbread at the registers in front. Not hot, but definitely made that day...and the deli counter was much better than it had been, but Wholesome Choice is the standard to meet. It's worth the nice drive.


Hey Cathy,

I LOVE Wholesome Choice, and I'm amazed you managed to get any pictures without people in them. You must have gotten there around opening time because every time I go there there are people everywhere! (Upon further review, I see you were there at 10am.. I'm still surprised at the lack of people) Especially since the aisles are somewhat narrow.

The steam tables also give you an insane amount of rice. I can never finish it all in one (or two) sittings. Some day I will work up the patience to wait in line for the sangak, but until then I will stare at your pictures and drool =P


Hi Cathy,
I'm so jealous. That place looks wonderful. The tacos in Yuma are great, but boy do I miss good food shopping options.


The store opens at 7 a.m. RT, and the Haleem (and its add-ins)is available then (see the sign), the ovens are baking at that time also. (The day we went was one of those post holiday sales days, which happens right after a day of a lot of eating and so grocery stores are not crowded). There was there was plenty of parking available in the lot. Leave here early and have an adventure. It's a great way to spend a morning and then still have the day ahead of you.

Hi Tina-we happened upon it and now it is a destination. Love it here.


Faye- I just went to the re-opened Vine Ripe ( ) Market in La Mesa and they are making fresh round flatbreads in the bakery. I got one for 99 cents-it wasn't hot, but definitely was made today. Vine Ripe now also has a steam tray area and "100% Halal" labels in the Meat area. I got a menu and the restaurant attached was very busy at noon.

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