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Monday, 04 January 2010



Hello Kirk!
I think we all just call it tajima 2 =) I mean, who can remember such a lengthy name? And I wasn't so impressed with the atmosphere either or the Ramen(too salty), but it's been years since I've eaten there. I tend to like the cozy atmosphere and friendly service of izakaya masa better(yes, even over izakaya sakura).


Hi Kirk, funny I was here about a month ago from a long time rest. The portions at lunch seemed to have increased and seemed much more reasonable. I tried the buta kakuni as well and luckily mine was very moist. It probably shortened my lifespan by about three days haha.


too bad about this place, I would probably stick with sakura.


Hi Lynnea - LOL! Yes, Tajima 2 is much easier.

Hi Dennis - The portions are quite generous for the prices, but the food a more than a level down from otherv places.

Hi Kat - It is popular with younger folks, probably because of the prices.

ed (from Yuma)

Has the missus ever met a boiled egg that she didn't like? :-)

When I first learned about chirashis, the place I went to actually included some fish that seemed shredded also. I wondered if it was scraped off bones or skin or something.

Thanks for the write up.


Hi Ed - A few places use up their lower grade fish on Chirashi...... which is not something I agree with, since it is usually pretty expensive. And yes, the Missus loves boiled eggs....


If a place like that was here in Tx for that price I wouldn't mind the bit lower grade ;-)


I was so excited when I read "Geso Karaage" but then deflated when I read it was overfried. Poo. Tajima has been on my list to try but seems like we just end up at Izakaya Sakura every time.


Hi Bill - Is it that hard to find decent Japanese food in Tx?

Hi Carol - Personally, I'd rather go with Sakura if you don't mind the extra $.


Happy New Yr Kirk! I totally agree w/ your post about this place. I tried it out twice and wasn't all that impressed either. The menu is incredible (esp w/ all the pretty pics). But all the tapas my sis and I tried were very 'boring'? Perhaps I need to go back a 3rd time and try other stuff. Nice post!


Hi Faye - In all honesty, I'd rather spend my $$$ at Sakura or Okan. Tajima does fill a nice niche, with decent prices, and food above the average Teriyaki Joint. My meal even got me wondering about Ichiro, since I hadn't been there in years.....


Decent and reasonable is a challenge especially when beef and potatoes is considered the staple.


Hi Billy - That's too bad.....

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