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Thursday, 21 January 2010



What I like about your posts is your attention to detail. The text leading into the picture of the oysters described "a somewhat crunchy stirfried vegetable" even though when you wrote it you knew it was cucumber. But you allowed the reader to enjoy the surprise of learning what it "with you" with the side story about figuring it out.

These may be simple posts about meals, but stuff like this really makes the posts stand out from other blogs (perhaps I should read more blogs?)

And dang I'm hungry!


The seafood plates looks simple yet delicious. I agree some seafood should have that distinctive seafoodiness otherwise what's the point and then again some shouldn't be allowed on the table at all ;-)
Geesh you can't have it. LOL


oman, i love this place! everytime i head home from college, my mom takes me here for the crab and oyster dishes you just posted. =) good stuff~

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks jan. I try to tell a story when I post - though sometimes the story is just that a certain place cooks this type of food.

The seafood was good, bill, and it was the flavor of the oysters themselves that made that dish good.

Glad you like the place, angela. It's good to know that I located the good stuff.

Andy Sze

Ed, just fyi,

the Rowland Heights location is not the original location. The original location is either the one in MP or the SG location, but I believe it to be the MP location. The RH location opened much after the other two locations. For whatever reason, the RH location has a different name, in Chinese. It is 潮樓 (chiu lau; in Yale romanization), meaning "Chiuchow Palace". The other two locations are called 避風塘 (bei fung tong), meaning "Typhoon Shelter". I am uncertain if there is an actual Typhoon Shelter restaurant in HK, but the nonetheless the name is a kickback to the Typhoon Shelter crab in HK and the actual typhoon shelters themselves.

ed (from Yuma)

Andy, thanks for all the info. That'll teach me to rely on a quick Internet search (You mean everything on the Internet isn't true?)

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