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Saturday, 30 January 2010



Hi Kirk,

I LOL'd at the Hawaiian Barbecue place being replaced by a ramen place. As my dad says, some spots just have bad feng shui. Hopefully this ramen place is good enough to break the streak!


I am glad he is doing something more creative than K-1 (he wasn't too good)...


Hola Kirk,

Dude, you are the "Drudgereport" of eating my friend.


Heehee! The videos are hilarious!! Thanks for sharing them.


Isn't this new Yakyudori next to a Starbucks? Oh wow, I can't wait. K and I drive there all the time...I can't believe it's so close to Crab Hut.


Hi Zompus - There's quite a bit of buzz about Yakyudori, so hopefully that'll change things!

Hi Kat - His K-1 career was very depressing..... so hopefully things are looking up for him.

LOL Mike! The Drudge report??? ;o)

Hi Kirbie - I really thought they were fun.

Hi Tammy - Yes it is...... very, very close!

Masa Assassin

Hi Kirk, long time. You gotta love taco truck roulette haha. Im also a fan of CC's blog take care.


Hey Kirk,

Yakitori did a soft opening this past week. Ramen is pretty good, not as rich as Santouka but we need more ramen places. There are five types, the typical stuff, shoyu, shio, miso, chasu, veggie, and Nagoya style. There will be yakitori later when beer can be served. Enjoy and Nabe Chan needs our support


Hi MA - Happy New Year, and I hope you're doing well!

Hi PedMa - Yes, I knew about the soft opening, but I usually don't go to those. From what I've heard it's not tonkotsu style so will not be as "rich" as it were.


Thanks, doing quite well and Happy New Year to you as well! Enjoy the ramen! Noodles are done nicely al dente!


Can't wait to read the review of Yakyudori. hahaha! Those videos are hilarious! Parents of a friend who used to live in HI are huge sumo fans and love Akebono. I had to send the video link to them.


Hi Carol - I hope they enjoy the commercial!


hi kirk
thanks for the shout out. those are funny videos btw!

i'm still trying to decide what band to feature for "N"...


Hi CC - No problem, I love the series..... how about "Numan".... "Gary Numan"... ;o)

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