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Saturday, 16 January 2010



sounds like you guys had some good food on Christmas Eve!

ed (from Yuma)

Love the post. Dumplings and people.


sounds like my grandfather, my grandmother always puts him in his place! Except he likes to call the wait staff over and critique their menu

"this isn't classic (insert region) food"
"tell the cook to put less soy sauce"



Those are some funny stories! Yum, lamb dumplings sound so good right now! I never pounded garlic, only finely chopped. It's been a while since I used black vinegar but I recently bought some so I think I'll use that the next time we have dumplings. Maybe I'll even pound some garlic!


what a sweet post.


Hi Kat - Funny thing is....there's more!

Hi Ed - I'm glad you enjoyed....

Hi Clayfu - That's too funny!

Hi Carol - It's kinda become the standard way of eating Jiaozi for me.

Hi Lynnea - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.


beautifully told story on the first place kirk. it made me sad, reading it.
btw, i like that phrase "pillowy pull" and it seems to describe the picture below perfectly.


Hi Sawyer - I think we've all been that ungrateful son or daughter in our lives..... it was interesting seeing it as an observer.

Wandering Chopsticks

Next time you're craving dumplings, try Dean Sin World (as discovered by SinoSoul) right at the entrance to that same strip mall. Mama Lu is super nice. I don't speak a lick of Chinese, except for food words, but have always had a good meal. She's got a bit of a sweet tooth so the lion's head soup and niu rou mien are sweeter than I like, but the xlb, potstickers, wonton soup, egg rolls, sjb (hers are the small buns folded at top but nice and pillowy). You can also ask for rice wine mochi, beef wrap, and earwax cakes if they're available. Have the missus tell her you're my friend and she'll probably toss in some extras. She just knows me as the girl with the camera. I took all the photos on her glass display.


Hi WC - A post on Dean Sin World is coming up.......

Andy Sze

BTW, does anybody know why their English name is "Giang Nan" while the Chinese name is "Deyue Lou"???

I'm thinking Giang Nan is for 江南. So why not call it Jiang Nan 江南 in Chinese?

Conversely, since it is 得月樓 in Chinese, why not call it Deyue Restaurant... or something like that?

Andy Sze

Looking forward to your Dean Sin World report. Have been wanting to try that place out!

Have you tried Mama Lu? There's a lot of Mama Lu proponents for their XLB... I'm not one of them... but I'd love to see h ow it ranks in your XLB research database.


Hi Andy - I hope someone is able to answer your question. Dean Sin World is very inexpensive! Here's our post on Mama's Lu:

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