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Sunday, 17 January 2010



too bad they weren't tasty, they sure looked nice!

ed (from Yuma)

Pretty food. Nice pics. Too bad the taste wasn't there.

I typed this, then looked up at kat's comment. I could have just written "like kat says"


Hi Kat - Really bright colors, huh?

Hi Ed - There is no doubt that the cooks here have technique. It's just that the food was underflavored for us.


A very fun read Kirk! Too bad about the dishes.


Hi Dennis - Yes, it was a disappointment.


I just need to bite the bullet and make the drive out to the SGV. It's been too long since I had good Chinese...actually, any Chinese.

And all your links to those dumplings...mmmmmmm. Unfortunately, my husband hates dumplings. But if there's meat n' rice, he'll eat it. *sigh*


Hey Rosa - Check out Giang Nan - he can get some Shanghainese stuff with rice, and you can get some pretty good XLB!


Off topic, I remember you mentioned a while ago that Sammy from Sammy Sushi had resurfaced at Wal Mi Do. Do you happen to know if he's still there?


Hi SK - Sorry to say Sam left sometime in June or July of last year. I'll let you know if he resurfaces.

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