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Monday, 25 January 2010



great place you found!

ed (from Yuma)

Those dumplings look soo good.


Hey Kirk! Thank goodness I wasn't drinking coffee when I started to read this. (fish fart...hehehehe)

Everything looks fantastic!


Can I put in an order for a bag of frozen dumplings? Seriously, I have got to take a road trip and bring the large cooler!


I first read "Dean Sin" as "Deadly Sin"... o_O

I am thinking that this weekend will have to be reserved for a trip to the SGV for a dumpling raid.


When you said you laughed at the sign, I thought you were referring to "Dean Sin World--Hell" (cut off)


This place has been on my list ever since I read gastronomer's post on it. I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet, but after your review and hers, I'm going through my calendar to try to figure out how to fit it in my schedule.


Wow. The SJB looks AMAZING!! It breaks my heart when you do a review of a place this awesome (b/c it's not in SD!!). I think a bowl of beef noodle soup AND an order of the SJB would be THE best meal ever! Wonderful post...thanks!


Hahaha! I can't believe Mrs. Lu's son sells dumplings to his college classmates. Hilarious! I wonder if he mother demands a kick back... Probably not, she's just too nice.


hi kirk - i've never had SJB, looks good though.

btw, funny story (loved the Back to the Future reference)!!!! I feel like that ALL THE TIME whenever I get into a discussion about music or food. i've learned to hide it and only out myself to fellow music/food geeks. I have to rein myself in with normal people. ha ha.


hahaha! I would do the same thing if I was her kid! I have to make a trip to the Qing Dao Bread place and maybe stop here sometimes. Wanna do a dumpling road trip? I bet you the only people who can eat dumplings all day are us. LOL.


Great post, it's been a long long time since I last saw back to the future, gotta put it in my netflix queue... and dang, those dumplings sound good!


The SJB looks worth a trip alone!


Hi Kat - Yes, and the prices are really good.

Hi Ed - They are.....

Hi Carol - Yes, it's especially a good value.

Hi Sandy - We have a backpack cooler that we take with us on our Road Trips. These Jiaozi hold up real well. I'm quite sure about the SJB though.

Hi Jan - You know..... I didn't even think about that!

Hi Kirbie - A word about maximizing your trip in the area - Yungui Garden, Dean Sin World, Giang Nan, Qing Dao Bread Food, and Mama's Lu are all within a block. And I know I've missed a few... like Ding's...

Hi Faye - Well you've got to make that roat trip then.

Hi G - She is a gem..... so nice and funny! It also shows you what the "state of Jiaozi" is in San Diego.

Hi CC - LOL! I've really got to exercise restraint....

Hi Tammy - I think after just three stops, you and I would be the only one's standing. And those three stops are within a hundred yards of each other.

Hi FH - That's a classic scene!

Hi Dennis - It probably is.....

Andy Sze

wow... 50 for a $11 bucks. thats near frozen machine made dumpling.


Hi andy - Actually, if you look at the sign on the wall - it's only $10. Which is what we were charged. Quite a bargain, huh?


If somebody sold me jiaozi like this when I was in college, it would be all I'd ever eat! They look so good!


Hi Su-Lin - I'd probably never make it to class..... I'd be recovering from a food coma daily! ;o)


I was in the area this last week and went to this store twice because of your review. Also, because I love xiao long bao and sin jiang bao and they are hard to find here in Austin, TX.

The first time was on Wednesday and we had an order of both of the above and the "water dumplings."

The dumplings were okay. Not the same as my mom used to make. The filling was okay, and the skin was good, but a little thick.

The xiao long bao were very tasty. Not as soupy as I'd prefer, but the filling was good and the broth had good flavor.

The sin jiang bao were very good. Crunchy on the bottom and soft on top. The filling was substantial.

The proprietor gave us a baked meat bun to try. That was too try and the inside was not very good.

Went back on Friday and this time made a couple of bad choices. Had the beef noodles, the xia jian noodle and the sin jiang bao.

The baos were good. The beef noodles were okay - not very flavorful with just okay noodles. And the xia jian mien was disappointing. I like the Taiwanese style with the dark pork and cucumber topping. I didn't ask about the style when the waitress suggested it.

I think that the xiao long bao and sin jiang bao are worth it.

The owner spoke about the health code ratings. It was funny then how they had an A on Wednesday, but it was a B on Friday.

I'd go back for the bao again.

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