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Wednesday, 13 January 2010



There are tons of boat or conveyer belt places up in San Francisco/San Jose, there's one in Milpitas that is actually very good. I've never seen one in San Diego.


Supposedly there is a boat sushi place in Pacific Beach... I don't know if it's still there but a couple of friends of mine would frequent it a bit. I'll have to find out the name.

I've always wanted to try a boat sushi restaurant


The place in Pacific Beach is called Kabuki Sushi. It used to be really cheap, but my last visit there I noticed they raised the prices. It gets pretty crowded, so be prepared to wait.


conveyor belt sushi, love it!


I wish there some conveyor belt sushi in Tx I definitely miss the fun atmosphere of this type of restaurant. There is quite a few in OC.

ed (from Yuma)

When I lived in Monterey, there was a boat sushi place, but it was all you could eat, so almost every item was mostly rice.

The stuff in the pics here looks so much better.


Hi thirtyeyes. I had never looked for a conveyor belt type place out here, but based on the other cooments, there is one. The prices look similar. I've never been, but do remember my caveat about fried items and watch the kitchen...
Hi Rosa. I like your blog. Thanks for the comment. The research has shown me a couple more places I can drop by.
Thanks,J, for the answer.
It was new for us, kat. Fun too.
They have to have something similar in Texas, bill...I think.
Hi ed. Yes, the quality was very good. I suppose because of the fast/high turnover.


I haven't had conveyor belt sushi since forever. I might have to try Kabuki Sushi.


I walk by this joint ALL THE TIME! Thanks for swinging by, Cathy. I was wondering what was going on in there! Boats. Lots of boats.


Thanks for the lead and the warning. It's been a couple of years but I was a sushi boat expert back when I lived in Japantown in San Jose. I would time my visit to when the restaurant would start floating some of the fried stuff. The place in Milpitas would do shrimp heads, yum. I even recognize the patterns on the plates, many, many boat places use those same plates.


Hi Carol- it looks like a nice place. If it has televisions, I'd stay away on Sunday...
Gastronomer-I just started reading your blog and love it. It's fun to just walk in somewhere, although we put it off for three years because we aren't always in Pasadena.
Ah, you are a sushi boat expert, whereas I am a sushi boat virgin, TE. I'm glad to have brought back some of your old habits-or memories at least... :)


Thanks! I like your blog too and it has helped me find a few places to eat at when I'm in SD. :)


Really, just ask or google on that Site Search box (top left). We have a few listed and don't mince words in our descriptions.

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