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Sunday, 03 January 2010



The mandu looks hand made here. Very nice. I still haven't made the jump from lamb to goat but my mother would've loved the stew for sure. :)


Hi. Those noodles look good- looks to me like "naeng myun" and it is made with beef broth. (using just the bones/meat and water- maybe a touch of soy sauce and garlic)it looks clear because unlike French based broth Koreans don't roast the bones or use carrot, celery, onion. Hope that helps


Happy New Year, Ed! Looks like another great meal. I'll have a double order of the short ribs, please! :-p

ed (from Yuma)

Happy New Year to one and all! Thanks for the good wishes Carol. I could use another plate of those ribs right now myself.

I'm sure, Dennis, that the mandu are hand made, and this goat was pretty tame. Not sure why it is always "black goat" - wouldn't striped goat taste the same?

Thanks for the info about the broth, Chris, but at Shin La it seemed more subtle/complex than just a beef broth.


Great post, I have been craving Korean BBQ! I do have a question though...I know you frequent Buga, what is the sauce called that is served with the Hyuh Mit Gui? Its like sesame oil with salt and pepper and what is the daikon and seaweed soup called? I think I might make some Hyuh Mit Gui tonight.


Was back in OC during the holidays and boy did I miss me some kbbq went to this joint in LA and boy did they have the best bibimbap perfectly crisped up rice and the sauce is pretty much perfect to me.
Genwa Korean Bbq is the joint if you're curious. You make me miss it and Ca too;-)

ed (from yuma)

Shannon - I passed your question on to Kirk, who probably knows the answer. I know the sauce you mean, but I have no recollection of its name.

bill - I miss kbbq a lot also. Out here, I can get some good kim chi, but Hawaiian bbq is as close to Korean as we have here.


To add my two cents- I know much of the naengmyeon I've had is in an Asian pear sort of broth.

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, Matt, there are slices of Asian pear in the soup, so some pear flavor certainly seems to be there. I just get puzzled because I can't identify flavors, but I love the broth.

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