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Sunday, 31 January 2010



We watched a show on (History channel?) last Thursday about the Chinese Take-out food industry (ABCDE). Cool stuff about how they make soy sauce, paper containers, how Lee Kum Kee invented oyester sauce by serendipity (not sure how much truthe there was in that). And man, I had to make my own broccoli beef on Friday. And boy was it good! No leftovers. :)


Wait a minutete, is that iceberg in your noodles??


This must be the place you mentioned in the other post about wings. I guess we won't be rushing out to this place soon. We had another family get-together, and got wings from Hong Kong BBQ (inside Vinh Hung) instead of driving out to National City. Not much salt & pepper flavor and kind of greasy; I didn't think to look for those MSG crystals!


Hi Jan - Yes, the story goes that it was invented in 1888 by Lee Kam Sheung. That was a huge hunk of cabbage.

Hi Sandy - Those crystals appear on several version of S&P wings.... never stopped me from eating them though. It was pretty cheap at $5.35 for 10.

Andy Sze

kirk you are so brave to walk into a joint like IP. but hey, they have an A health rating!


Hi Andy - Yes, 'A' as in "Americanized" he-he-he.....


Oh dear...I'm sorry that I couldn't warn you about this place before you went.

Its been there for at least 40 years and was I believe it was a spin off of an Ancient ABCDE in National City called The Brown Bear that existed in the 50s.

Me and my family would go here every now and then when our favorite Tea Pot Inn Chinese place in CV was closed.

It was better in the 70s...though not great. It at least had better ABC/GF (American Born Chinese/Gringo food) than it does now.

I last went here in the 90s after Tea Pot Inn closed and found it in this condition...I then despaired of ever finding good Chinese, Americanized or otherwise, in SD ever again. Royal Mandarin just didn't do it for me.

Until you mentioned Ba Ren that is...many thanks!


Hi MrM - It's always good for me to try places.... because "you never know....." This place does look like it has been around for a long time. The prices are very hceap as well.


hi kirk - those noodles with the brown sauce did not look too appetizing.


Hi CC - It worked well in my crankcase after draining though! ;o)

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