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Wednesday, 06 January 2010



hey kirk, this place looks pretty good! that mango salad also looks really interesting. i guess i should start hanging around garden grove if i want to find a place that will let me make my own spring rolls!


Looks good, and its nearby. Just curious why only some of the menu items are translated to English.


looks good!


Good lord share guys! ;-)

Those snail are so addicting! Food looks great and the portions seems generous/


Hi Sawyer - You know, I think Banh Trang is available in quite a lot of placesd. Just look for Banh Trang.

Hi Stephen - I dunno, confusion, laziness, the infamous "you no like"??? You'll have to ask them....

Hi Kat - This place seems to be trying to do it right.

Hi Bill - The prices are on the high side, but the portions for those items are fairly large.


Looks fantastic! It's been ages since I've had snails and the Mister just can't bring himself to eat them.


Yummy! I think my husband would just love that squid.


Hi Carol - So no opihi for the Mister?

Hi Lynnea - You should check them out then! ;o)


LOL here come my broken English Muc Mot Nang Muoi Ot = Squid that had been dried for only one sun with salt and chilies.


Oh my YY - I think I'll stick with #102! ;o)


Hi! Did you all notice by chance if Huynh Hoa Tuu had vegetarian options? The meaty photos look so good!


Hi Morgan - There's a part of the menu that says "vegetable" dishes, but many of them started with pork or shrimp. I also saw a really delicious looking fried tofu dish....but of course, most everything is flavored with Fish Sauce.... so it depends on if you're a strict vegetarian.


Hi Kirk, I tried the pho here (what a one trick pony I am!) last december and wasn't impressed but definitely would want to try that shrimp dish next time. Probably not the snails though.. ;)


Hi Dennis - You had Pho here????


Hi Kirk, it was raining! and I wanted to try a new place....
I have their menu documented and I do remember many very interesting dishes listed. Pho is not their strength but hey, that's why I religiously read your blog!? :)


Hi Dennis - Funny thing is, this place doesn't even create a blip on what is required so set off my "Pho-dar".


Very interesting. My kind of restaurant but you can find that kind of food just about any where in Little Saigon at 2/3 of the price. It might be pricey because it is a drinking hole for most Vietnamese (Men who drink do not care about prices after a few drink). Have not read your blog for a while. Hope you and the missus are well and ready for a prosperous new year (chinese).


Hey Beach - It's so nice to hear from you. The Missus & I were just wondering how you were doing. The prices here are on the high side, but at least they're trying to do things right.

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