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Tuesday, 19 January 2010



at least the good outweighs the bad :)


I like com tam alot but some shop just pre make/cook everything in advance which kind of ruins it unless the place has a high turn over rate. The bi can be mixed to order but then judging the seasoning would be a pain but the steam eggs that could be wiped up fast and steam to order. Anyways I guess its all about the ROI. You guys sure love this place it seems to be a fail proof place so far.



Hi KAt - Yes, there are more things to like, then not like.

Hi Billy - You know, there's not enough volume here, so I kinda lower my standards a bit for Com Tam in San Diego.


And you think SD is bad wait till you or if you ever want to stop by in San Antonio.

Andy Sze

Kirk, can you do a post on Viet restaurants in the SGV or OC? Restaurants that serve more than just the usual pho, bun, com tam, and cuon (rolls?)?

Don't know where to go up here for items like that crab noodle soup, bun mam (seen it in SD, but not here), fried squid.. etc etc. non rice, pho, and spring rolls establishments in the SGV


that fried pork leg looks godly and i would love to have that for some beer munchies. all these posts made me go out and get my own pho and spring rolls next to my work, and when i dipped it into the sauce, i'll be damned, bc there was a toffee aftertaste to it!


Hi Bill - Egads....

Hi Andy - You can try a couple of places that serve Northern style VN like Viendong Restaurant:

Or HaNoi Restaurant:

Or for an all goat affair Binh Dan:

There were a couple of places that caught our eye when we're in the SGV area, so we'll post if/when we visit. BTW, I don't really recall seeing Bun Mam on too many menus.....

Hi Sawyer - Wow, you're really vulnerable to the power of suggestion... ;o)

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