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Monday, 11 January 2010



Hi Kirk, I see the same cars in my photo. Either they're the owners or we visited the same evening, ha. Have you heard anything on Chin's down the street?


Hi Dennis - Last I heard, they were still looking for a Chef.... not good news by any means!


had to laugh when you wrote "You know it's bad sausage when your mutts reject it...... " must've been really bad!


The plate of meat looks good. Almost like what I had at a Chinese restaurant over the weekend. It was yummy and so is this post.


Eck...can't eat soondae! My parents love the stuff and get it sometimes when they grocery shop in the O.C.. But gul and jokbal, I could eat all day...


Boyfriend and I just passed by this place the other night. I was telling Boyfriend I thought the English name was too plain.
No chef yet for Chin's? Oh no!


ooohhh that is a great deal for soon du boo. now i HAVE to go chk it out...will report back on my opinion of the stew.


ooh two for $9! How do you tackle the tray of meats with the napa cabbage... roll it up? Just curious, I've never seen that!


Hi Kat - Oh yes, it was very bad....very bad....

Hi Billy - Nothing like some good pork to brighten up your week!

Hi Rosa - LOL! I agree with you on the pork..... I can just keep on eating the stuff!

Hi Kirbie - You're right.... too much lettering for such a simple name.

Hi H - I'm looking forward to it. Better go soon, I don't know when the deal is over!

Hi FH - Bossam is basically food being wrapped...... I'm sure if you look for it you'll find it.


lol the title of the restaurant is funny. man i love bossam...and btw, 2 soondubu for 9.99 is ridiculous...


Hi Sawyer - What was the old saying? Never eat at a place called Mom's??? ;o)

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