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Wednesday, 27 January 2010



yum, the last wings with the aromatics look delicious, I love salt and pepper fried stuff... one day I want to try kyochon


Hi Rosa - You know, I recently had an entire Pollo Asado, grilled over Mesquite, with beans, rice, tortillas, salsa, etc for $8.50. So $20 seems like quite a bit.

Hi Mr Zompus - I hope you and the Missus are enjoying the new digs! I've had those chicken wings, once..... ;o) I've passed Szechuan Garden many times, but have never been motivated to check the place out, so maybe now I have a reason.

Hi Jess - Same experience as you... the MS heebie-geebies. I can tolerate a decent amount of the stuff, and don't mind it at all in reasonable quantities..... but sometimes....

Hi FH - I think they have Kyochon in Oakland and San Jose..... so it's only a matter of time!


I think it's the nice packaging that makes Kyo-chon price the chicken so high. ;) And the one I went to had an LCD tv displaying the menu despite being a "stand" in a grocery store.

Porta Rickin Rick

OMG, yeah you read that right O-M-G! I love the garlic butter wings at Phuong Trang. I discovered these a while back and the wifey and I require them on a regular basis since then. They do tast like butter when done right and definitely come smothered in roasted garlic and sliced chilies. Wifey's whole fam enjoyed these suckers.

Our friend's family has a Chinese restaurant on Plaza right by 7/11 just past Tita's called something generic like Star Express something or other, but they actually have some really good wings. And they are about $18 for a tray, which will feed at least 6 or so big eaters like myself. Delish!


Hi Rosa - I did like the free kleenex dispenser I got from them!

Hi PRR - I dunno... greasy and crumbly, over salted for my taste. Also, did you notice that the "roasted garlic" was actually bottled fried garlic you get from VN markets? I'll make sure to check out those wings! Thanks for the rec!

Hot Wing Reviews

I have to agree with you, chicken wings are indeed adictive..I have not eaten wings at Chinese restaurants yet, but after reading some your chicken wing posts, I think I will need to broaden my horizons a bit to include other cultures chicken wings.

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