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Wednesday, 27 January 2010





I like the "Kyochon line"; it's kind of like baseball's Mendoza line, but in reverse.

Since Royal Mandarin is out of commission, we've gotten wings from a couple of other restaurants using your comparison post. My family's verdict: we miss Royal Mandarin!


Are you *sure* you like wings? Seems like only one of the versions really did it for you. :)

Hey, ever see Endless Summer II? Your new nickname should be Wingnut. ;)


Hi Kat - Yes, a "chicken wing thing"

Hi Sandy - There's another place for you to try.... coming up in a future post.

Hi Jan - I have standards you know..... Wingnut, LOL!!!


Kyochon...mmmm. I tried it for the first time about a month ago. Opted for a half soy-garlic/half spicy "whole chicken" which only set me back around $20... Agreed that it was pricey but it was darn good eats. The spicy burned though so either the location I went to was very generous with the spicy or my tolerance is diminishing...


Mmmm, chicken wings...That's all I have to say. (Wingnut! chortle-snort-snort!)


Have you tried BBQ Chicken on 4768 Convoy? Its not bbq, its "best in best quality" and they use olive oil to fry their chicken wings... my personal favorite is their sweet/spicy ones, though.


Hi Kirk, Is salt & pepper chicken wings a San Diego phenomenon? My brother in LA and sister in HI had never heard of them...only salt and pepper shrimp. Do you know any restaurant in LA or Long Bch area that sells them?


I love the tamarind wings at Quehuong!! So tasty.


Hey Kirk,

If you haven't tried them yet, the wings at Sab-E-Lee are just yummy. Lightly fried with garlic and crispy and then touched with some nam-pla. Very good ^-^


The Phoung Trang looks yummy. Did it taste like 'butter' at all? I love your chicken wing posts! All hail to the Chicken Wing master...


Hi Rosa - I still have problems paying that much for chicken....

Hi Carol - Are you calling me a Wingnut?? ;o) he-he-he.....

Hi Cheezpweez - I've done a post on BBQ Chicken:

Frankly, I wasn't too impressed. It doesn't help that on my last two visits, they screwed up my order.

Hi Arlene - I'm pretty sure that other places have them on the menu.... but the S&P wings phenomenon is pretty much a San Diego kinda thing.

Hi Christina - I'm partial to the Fish Sauce wings there!

Hi Derek - I've had them...tasty but they don't hold the crispness for very long.

Hi Faye - LOL! No butter taste really. BTW Huynh Hoa Tuu and Que Huong have them on the menu as well.... so maybe one day soon... ;o)


there is this place off of plaza blvd 805 that has island food...near red ribbon and popeyes. They have 6 chicken wings for 2.99 special. I found them to be gigantic and crunchy. wish i could remember the name!


Hi H - A & D Hawaiian BBQ????


Hey Krik,

Very much so... I've always enjoyed eating them fresh in the restaurant but the one time I got them to go I was sad they lacked the "crunch." I know you did the top wings in National City... who would you say has the top wing in the Clairemont/Convoyish area?


Hmmm...Kirk they executed the vietnamese butter chicken wings very poorly then =( It's just a matter of dusting the wings with a mixture of corn starch+curry powder+salt+sugar, deep fry them. Then dip the wings in a sauce that include melt butter + garlic + curry powder.


Hi Derek - I might just do that..... though I haven't been very happy with what I've gotten in the area.

Hi Michelle - With regards to Butter Wings, it's kinda funny. Every version has been different. I've had them sorta "wet" and with a chili sauce, and they were called Shaken Butter Wings, I've had them with tons of black pepper (not very good), I've had them really greasy and buttery, so when I order "butter wings" I never know what to expect.


Yeah...I don't know if I'd go to Kyochon regularly. I'd have to have a very specific craving to dish out $20 again. But thinking about it, the 2 boxes did provide me with enough chicken for a meal (with rice and banchan) for 3 days. So that's about $7/day...hahaa...still expensive.


Hi Kirk!

Too bad, the chicken wings here sound a bit disappointing. I got lunch from 99 Ranch the other day and the fried chicken wings there were terrible! Like they forgot to season the wings before they fried them.

I remember liking the ones at Schezuan Garden in Mira Mesa, but it has been a few years since I've been there.


What do you think of the wings at Sam Woo? I only remember being super thirsty all night afterwards...

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