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Sunday, 24 January 2010



too bad it wasn't too good!


Sisig, Kaldereta, Adobong Kambing... My list of new things to try only gets longer!


Uninspiring joints. Can't have the cake and eat ;-)


Hi Kat - Yes.......

Hi Dennis - I think you'll love good Sisig. I've created a category just for that:

Hi Bill - LOL!


Bummer some of the dishes were bland. Goat adobo sounds really interesting, though.


Hi Kirk. Too bad about the sisig. I loves me some good sisig from Conching's. For me, goat has to be cooked only by an Ilocano as they 'know' how to prepare goat.
And Chibugan, pronounced Tagalog, that translates to Eatery...chibug means to eat...chibugan means a place to eat or eatery.
Just add'l info... :-)


Hi Carol - Yes, that Goat Adobo was the best item I had.

Hi Shirley - Thanks for the info! As for goat, my friend's cousin does a fantastic Kaldereta and he's from Olongapo....frankly, I think most places try to mask the flavor of goat or lamb. My personal preference is for goat to taste like.... well, goat. Conching is still #1 for Sisig in my book as well....though they almost never have it available except for special orders.


hi kirk
ugh - there is nothing worse than cold sisig.

okay,kenny g is worse.


LOL CC - Actually, nothing is worse than Kenny G and Michael Bolton doing a duet. I actually first heard KennyG when he was still Kenny Gorelick and played with the Jeff Lorber fusion.... dude had some chops. Of course now it's all pop and after awhile I've found his overuse of circular breathing to be annoying.


hi kirk - i remember telling the dj at our wedding receptions (eons ago), "Please, I beg of you, no Kenny G!!!!!!" i find it laughable that people find his music "romantic" when it's far from romantic. how can anyone get down and dirty to that music is beyond me.

i would rather get my teeth drilled without anesthesia than listen to kenny gorelick. ha ha.

i'll shut up now.


Hey CC - I can just see it now "ABC Music Hump Day Videos - R is for Root Canal featuring Kenny G" he-he-he.....


you've just given me an idea....ha ha!


the sisig is cold because that is how they cook it its like a salad u know


Hi K0567 - No kidding.... I'd rather not have it ice cold. BTW, is this the Ilocano way of making sisig, because most places don't serve it ice cold? One more thing, if Sisig is salad, why do places serve it sizzling??? Huh?

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