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Tuesday, 22 December 2009



looks warm, rest up :)


I'm having Kung Pao chicken tonight original recipe and it is quite warm Y(T_T)Y


Thanks for all of your work. My wife and I had a number of great meals this year thanks to tips from you (Sab E Lee, Itzsakura, etc. etc.). Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays


Thanks Kat!

Hi Chris - That sounds like it'll do the trick.

Hi Ken - I also need to thank you for all your recommendations! Happy holidays!


Say, looks like someone has been frequenting Miss Wandering Chopstick's site. ;) (I just printed her recipe because I'm making duck for Christmas and duck jook for Boxing Day)


Mmm, thousand year old eggs and jook! I have no idea what to make tonight, I'm out of practice, hehe.


Merry Christmas to you and the Missus!
Hope today is a better day for you. ^_^


nothing yet. i have spent the evening so far with a drain auger.


Hi Jan - Actually, this photo is from "the file". The Missus prefers Her jook made differently from Cantonese style. Plain, no cornstarch. I'd recommend making a second course soup out of the duck bones:

Hi Carol - You know, things are so hectic right now! Also, not having a fully functional kitchen would just stymie me. I dunno how you do it!

Hi Dallas - Happy Holidays to you as well!

Hi Dave - Oh man.... that sucks. I hope things are "unclogged" soon! Take care!

Judy @ TinkerWithFood

MY FAVORITE!!! :) It's actually coming up on my blog soon to! I LOVE century eggs like no other. Happy holidays and stay warm!!!


i like those pics! very comforting. haha i thought the second one was a vegetable =p but i'm guessing from the comments, they're eggs? =) merry christmas to you, cathy, ed, and the missus + guest bloggers + frankie + sammy!


Yummmmm 10 Million year old eggs;-)

Matter of fact I had this dish today and it was great!

And have a very merry happy holiday to you and the families. Thanks for the cup of joe :-D


Merry Christmas!! I've enjoyed reading mmm-yoso very much. Keep up the great job.


Hi Judy - It's one of the Missus's favorite things too....real comfort food for Her.

Hi Sawyer - Yes, preserved duck egg, also called Thousand Year Old Egg, etc, etc.....

Hi Bill - I hope you're enjoying SoCal! I'm glad you enjoyed the coffee.

Hi mscinda - Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I wouldn't still be doing this without you all.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Nice and simple bowl of porridge to tide us over? Great choice. That porridge looks so delicious and clear.


Thanks ETE! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

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