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Saturday, 12 December 2009



I guess my "go to" sandwich shop would be Abientot, they are the only one with a roasted chicken sandwich that I've seen where I live.


Those sandwiches look great!

We always go to Royal Mart at Upas and First. It's close by, has super friendly service and the sandwiches are always delicious.


My "to-go" sandwich shop is in my kitchen. I'm pretty snobby when it comes to a good sandwich. Surprise, I can't cook anything but I can make really good sandwhiches.

I will check out the new location in escondido since Chia lives near by.


Come to think I don't think I ever had a go to sandwich shop.. These guys seem super cool. Can't wait to check the place out. The Jersey Reuben sounds really good!


I definitely agree with you some sandwich in right proportion is good but you can never have too much avocado ;-). At the moment Subway, yes subway is my fail safe multigrain with blackforest hame cheese and all the vege, dry. The perfect bit.


Hi Kat - Oh, real roasted chicken....

Hi Lynnea - Royal Food Mart! You know, I've been there, but have never had the sandwiches. That's a great choice!

Hi Tammy - You're good at using things up. It seems that I always end up wasting stuff when I make my own sandwiches (except Banh Mi) at home.

Hi Dennis - Sometimes, a good sandwich shop saves that day.

Hi Bill - LOL! Never thought you'd be an avocado lover.....


I used to go to a place in San Jose called "Corner Deli" which "wasn't right on the corner, but right on the price". The owner was always very amiable and VERY drunk. He'd tell the best stories while making your sandwich while also telling you just how good the sandwich was going to be. Between the time it took for the stories and all the bragging they inevitably were the best sandwich "you'll ever have".


Hi Jan - That's a great story! I bet that helped make the sandwich taste even better!


Hiya Kirk!
I live in Escondido so I might have to try your favorite sandwich shop up here. However, you have also got to try my favorite sandwich shop, Hungry Bear Shop Shop! That place is amazing!


Hi Jane - THanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out when I have a chance!


Hi! I am Angela's(of Sandwich Emporium) sister Louise. I am based in New Haven, CT.

Angela has been raving about you and your blog.

Hope to meet you one day!



Hi Louise - Greeting and welcome to our humble blog! Angela has also said very nice things about should come and visit us! Thanks again for dropping by and taking the time out to comment.

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