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Wednesday, 16 December 2009



nice quote at the end!


The nostalgic of food that take you back in time. Awesome.


I agree with Kat! But boy all those dishes look fantastic and I'm so with you on the garlic rice. If the pic were mine it'd be a runner up for favorite 10 photos of 2009. Are you doing one again this year? Please? haha :)


Perfect timing! We're going tonight for dinner and I was wondering what different dishes we should try. I was a little iffy on the Fish Garlic since it's catfish but we might still try it anyway. Thanks again for all the suggestions!


Hi Kat - Thanks!

Hi Bill - Yes, sometimes food can do that for you.

Hi Dennis - I'm not sure if I'll do ten photos.... there's so much to go thru.

Hi Carol - As you can tell, the Missus loves the way they prepare fish here.

ed (from Yuma)

I want to try everything. Even the stuff that you say wasn't very good looks appealing. Yum.


hi Kirk
Great post! The miang kum sounds interesting. we just may try that next week! i noticed when i ordered the issan sausage last time, there was chopped galangal (or maybe it was ginger). the flavors were so fresh and bright. i'd also like to try that garlic fried rice - makes my mouth water just looking at it. and the pine cone fish - we wanted that last time but ended up getting something else. there's so many things on Koby's menu that i want to try!


Great timing, indeed. I'm planning to have dinner there tonight also. My wife loves the duck curry dish, BTW. Thanks.


Great Post! I just tried Sab-E-Lee 1 a few months ago. Is #2 worth the drive to Santee?
There are so few GOOD Thai places.
Pictures are beautiful


We were there on Monday and I overheard one of the people in the group by us commenting that 'last time I got a 7 and I think I will only get a 5 this time' the Yum Woon-Sen, Tom Kah Gai and General's Noodles. All excellent and still so much more of the menu to go...I'm thinking larb mushrooms from the vegan part of the menu...


Hi Ed - The food is well prepared, especially the shrimp and fish.

Hi CC - You know, as far as I can remember they've always included galangal with the Issan Sausage. Speaking of which..... I need some today.

Hi Kenneth - I'm glad you enjoy SEL2. They do a good job.

Hi Stephen - If you enjoy Thai food it is worth the drive. SEL2 is pretty much a different restaurant from SEL.

Hi Cathy - Still it's not nearly as spicy as SEL - the time we all went it was 2-3's, so I'm thinking a five is about right.


hi kirk
at the old sab e lee, i never had it with galangal or at least they never served it to ME with galangal. at SEL2-yes. i like it! : )


This looks like such a great restaurant. I've only had that leaf wrap thing once before, but this version looks really good with all the fresh veggies and herbs! That Thai omelette looks grand


Hi Kirk, finally ate here this morning. They open at 10:30am which is great. Everything was fantastic! Can't wait to post about it.. Commenting from the Apple Store again, he he. Getting myself an early Christmas gift. yay (Your site looks great!)


Hi Kirk! Can I steal your pictures for's Sab-E-Lee 2 reviews?

Judy @ TinkerWithFood

the spicy raw beef looks amazing!!! happy holidays kirk & the missus ;)


Hi CC - It does have a nice cleansing taste.

Hi FH - Nothing beats good street food dishes for comfortt!

Hi Dennis - Did you eat at the Santee or the Linda Vista location? They ara both excellent, but are pretty much two different restaurants.

Hi Saya - LOL! It ain't stealing if I give you permission, is it? Of course you can.

Hi Judy - Koi Soi is one of my favorite dishes! Happy Holidays to the three of you! (I can't forget Einstein, can I?)


Hi Kirk, I went to the Santee location (twice now). Koby is so way cool! He explained to me about galangal (never heard of it before until this blog post) and what dishes typically use it. He said he'll make me the your omelet next time since I expressed so much interest in it. =) I think it'll be perfect for my part three "not so ordinary breakfasts" post. You never fail to bring me new and great dining experiences kirk! Cheers


Hi Dennis - I'm glad you enjoyed your meal.


Hi Kirk, that Miang Kum was excellent. We couldn't wait to keep eating it throughout the meal. Koby was on vacation that day so we didn't get to chat. I agree the spiciness is less here overall which is weird to us.

Hmmm...issan sausage is just so tasty.

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