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Monday, 28 December 2009


Eat. Travel. Eat!

Looks better than what I had almost a year ago! But my favorite experience here was my first one, almost 5 years ago. That plate of SJB was BOMB. Not too hot, and very soupy. Yummy! Unfortunate to see that the XLB looked good but didn't taste good. I had a "no soup for you moment" when a waitress helped us pack XLB after eating it in the restaurant. Each of the XLB lost its own soup!

Happy holidays BTW. Forgot to tell you. Why is Wandering Chopsticks "uber"?


too bad about the SJB. can't wait to see what's up next!


Hi ETE - Happy Holidays to you too! Both you and WC are "uber", as in top notch in my book!

Hi Kat - We ended up having a fun time on Xmas eve.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Aww, thanks :). Can't wait for your other SGV postings! You are "uber" too in my book. ;)

Andy Sze

Kirk, I've been to the Shau Mei Kang Kang on both Garvey and Garfield in Rowland Heights, but have never ventured to order anything off the menu. I've always opted for the 3 item boxed food. Kudos to having the guts to do so!

BTW, I affectionately call this place the $5 date. Cheap and feeds you and your girl for $5 each.

Andy Sze

I mean Monterey Park location on Garvey and Garfield nad the Rowland Heights location across from your Fried Pork Rectum place.


Thanks ETE!

Hi Andy - You are too funny.... the "five dollar date"! The Missus's favorite Chou Doufu is from Shau Mei in Rowland Heights.


Kang Kang Food Court used to sell Chou Doufu, but i don't think they sell it anymore. Last time I went there they they didn't have it, and the girl behind the counter said they don't sell that anymore.

If you like dumplings, there's this place called Luscious Dumpling. It's on Las Tunas Dr. and is parallel to Valley. The chili oil form this place is very good. I think they have SJB or XLB on the menu. I've only been able to order to-go, since the lines are always so long, and haven't been able to order the SJB/XLB since they don't sell that to-go. Might be a good place to try the next time your in the SGV.


Hi Kirk, I still drool when I think of the ones I had in shanghai! I still feel SJB's will blowup in popularity when they figure out how to get it right and be consistent here. But I guess that's true for a lot of things.


Hi Kelvin - I've been to LD, though not in a very long time! Thanks for the reminder.

Hi Dennis - There's a ton of items that I think could be the next "big thing"...... so who knows.

Wandering Chopsticks

Aww, so sad your sjb weren't good. :( Kang Kang and Shau Mei are the only places that I know that serve them this style. Other places have basically the buns with the folds on top, and pan-fry those.


Hi WC - Acutally - Dean Sin World does them the same way.


Woww, thanks for this great post..

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