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Wednesday, 09 December 2009



Pitchers of nuoc mam cham?! Holy cow, that is both bewildering and totally awesome. :P


wow! pitchers of nuoc mam cham?! nice!


I didn't know there was one on Brookhurst; their website doesn't list this location. Last time we were in the area, we got banh cuon to go from No. 4. We had intended to go to No. 2 as usual, but the iPhone search brought up No. 4 (which is just down the street on Bolsa). Anyway, No. 4 looked fairly new and clean AND the tables didn't seem to be packed too close together.


I like this place. They make that crepe with grill pork and vegetables and mint rolled up inside and its good and compact and perfect for lunch. I can't recall the number of the item. I'm surprise this place has finally open a 3rd shop since every single one of them is always pack or there is no parking and I don't like sitting next to people let alone get bump every time by rude people then again what's new.


Hi Marie - They must go through jugs of the stuff, since it seems like every table uses at least 2/3s of a pitcher.

Hi Kat - Yes, just enough for us! ;o)

Hi Sandy - They really pack eveybody in at this location. I don't blame them, though since the shop is pretty small.

Hi Billy - You mean the version of Banh Xeo they make? They call them "Vietnamese Soft Tacos" on the menu?

Vicky (SF Bay Area)

yummy!!! i'm missing so-cal....

Judy @ TinkerWithFOod

awww... disappointing that the bun rieu wasnt good! there's this place up in the san jose area called pho kim long that just re-opened after expanding and remodeling and they make the BEST bun rieu i've ever tasted my entire life. the bun bo hue never disappoints either! if youre ever in the area, let me know!!! it's SNOWING up in the hills here, perfect weather for some hot spicy goodness!


Seen it all the time when I go up there but never stepped food inside.

That's some hefty plate of vegetables!


Hi Vicky - I think they have locations in NoCal.

Hi Judy - I'll make sure to get some rec's if I'm ever in the area!

Hi Tammy - Man, were the herbs fresh and shiny!


No not that one Kirk.

Its the same thing you had but with bbq pork wrapped inside.

its not banh xeo

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