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Wednesday, 30 December 2009



Personally, I liked all of the Laos posts. I've always thought of it as such an exotic and mysterious place.

Also, any posts that include people behaving badly really stick out (e.g., bad drivers, gastro intestinal issues, demanding guests, etc.) I love reading about food, but the human bits really pull me into the story.

Thanks for your posts!


RIP Royal Mandarin. The restaurant was on fire last night!


Awesome! This is so much fun. Thanks Kirk.


Me picking out what I think were your most memorable meals would be like you trying to pick out 10 favorite photos. I have to agree that the posts with the human nature side always stick in my mind. Those are the ones I retell most.


I think I've been reading your blog for about 2-1/2 years now. I enjoy reading about your adventures - local eats, travel and cooking. I always get a chuckle out of the Missus' comments (real and edited).

Re Royal Mandarin: I don't remember a Hometown Buffet nearby, but the photos look like the front of the restaurant. Hubby was just there a couple of days ago to pick up wings, too. Glad to hear that no one was hurt, and I hope the restaurant will come back.

Happy New Year, mmm-yoso!

Porta Rickin Rick

Mmmm, Prahok! Any leads on where to find that on this continent?

Andy Sze

Urasawa is by far the most memorable post on your blog for me. I've enjoyed your blog for years and hope to enjoy it for years more to come. Thank you for all you've given us. Happy New Year and btw, Panda Country didn't make the top 10?


The Killer Whale, Sam Woo! Sometimes I think of that and I STILL crack up!


hi kirk
i've been reading your blog since early 2006 (the first post i saw was your review on Ben's 1615) which inspired me to start my own blog...thanks!

i always enjoy your travel posts - most recently the laos and cambodia posts.

lastly - that's awful about royal mandarin burning down! :( they had good wings.


Hi Jan - You know, we loved Laos, and can't wait to go back.... though I'm afraid it'll be much changed by that time.

Hi Johari - Thanks for letting us know.... that's very sad news.

Hi Dennis - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hi Carol - The Missus and I love those little slices of life..... sometimes more than the food itself.

Hi Sandy - Happy New Year! And thanks for all the comments! It's a sad thing about Royal Mandarin, but I'm pretty sure they'll rebuild.

Hi PRR - Try Minh Huong:

Hi Andy - LOL! Panda Country.... I'm trying not to remember that.

Hi Jo - Sam Woo the Killer Whale..... my goodness, who can forget that! ;o)

Hi CC - Happy New Year to you and the family! I think the Royal Mandarin thing has screwed up a bunch of New Year wing plans.


Hi Kirk,

Happy New year! I love everything you post. Thanks for all your hard work! =)


love all your exotic posts throughout the year! happy 2010!


Hi Lynnea - Thanks.... it's not really that hard work! But I'm glad you enjoy our posts!

Hi Kat - Happy 2010 to you too!

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