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Thursday, 10 December 2009



Wow, I'm really surprised to hear about your bad experience there. I've eaten there many times and the food was always good, and the service pretty on point as well. I haven't ever been there for breakfast, though, only lunch. Their burgers are pretty good, and the gyros sandwich is good, if a little bland. They do load the pita up pretty full.
Maybe you should try lunch. It is a little on the pricey side for lunch though. Most sandwiches and burgers are $7+. but they are generously sized. Some of the daily specials are pretty good too.




Processed "turkey" is not good in my book.

Call me a rebel if you will; I actually like Sysco fries (U.S. Foods if that makes it better)

I have found that people who concentrate their focus on a few things end up doing it well. This is true of fries, mayonnaise, and ketchup. (and a few other things) True that it is up to the end user to fry and season them properly; but more often than not a place that makes good fried potatoes from scratch is rare breed. In my experience, processed fries is a good compromise


Hi Kirk, I haven't been here in a while but I remember the hot roast turkey and the hot roast beef plates looking like massive mounds of fresh carved meat with gravy over it. That's too bad.
I tend to be too sentimental about having breakfast at diners so I have a hard time being critical but I'd say that processed turkey would've ruined it even for me..


Hi Stephen - This actaully was a lunch since they serve breakfast all day. Maybe i'll drop by for a burger when I do another "burger week".

Hi Kat - Exactly!

Hi Chris - Actually I love SYSCO fries and hashbrowns...who doesn't love the SYSCO-fied hashbrowns at Perry's? But because the fries are processed, I give them less shouldn't screw up your fries and hashbrowns too badly.

Hi Dennis - Well the turkey here was carved from something...what I'm not quite sure. The Missus loves Her simple breakfast..... but they managed to not do a good job on the hashbrowns.


Those hashbrowns looked pretty inedible. But that whole, having to salt everything, I know a number of people who say "you can always add salt, but you can't take it away." It doesn't really hold true, because the taste is completely different.



That kind of looks like the old open-faced blurkey sandwiches I used to get at the old K-Mart in Spring Valley for about 50¢ back in the day...edible only coz I used to like the corn they made and I was only 8.

In any off. =(


That was disappointing especially the turkey sandwich.


grey, bland and flaccid sounds pretty grim. The chicken pie shop next door sounds promising!


Hi Lynnea - I'm of the belief that the food served to you is a reflection of what the kitchen wants you to eat... so lack of seasoning, is just that.....

Hi MrM - Man, this was not very good at all.

Hi Bill - I couldn't bring myself to eat the so called "turkey".

Hi FH - Cathy's done a post on the Chicken Pie Shop if you're curious.


we went there once for breakfast. i always thought that breakfast was the one meal you can't screw up. i was wrong.


LOL Dave!!! he-he-he.....


$8.40 for that eh? Quite a profit I'd imagine considering they didn't even spring for salt.


Hi Jan - I was very disappointed in that Hot Turkey Sandwich.


Kirk, I have been noticing of late that places with a large group of regulars (of the senior demographic) do not salt the food. And, yes, I have also been served hot turkey sandwiches that were made from pseudo turkey loaf.


Hi mindless - Yes, great observation..... but then again Rudford's gets many of those too. But it could be that these are members of what we call the "dead tastebud society".....

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