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Friday, 01 January 2010



Happy New Year, Kirk! Yes, yes, do posts! Looks like Da Boys got some fun stuff from Santa.


happy new year to you and the whole mmm-yoso family!


Happy New Year Kirk! The last photo with the durian and is it Frankie? is so great. Looking forward to another even better year! cheers


looks delicious, happy new year!


Kirk, Looks like you had a good shogatsu feast. I went to Nijiya as soon as they opened and it was slim pickins... 新年 おめでとう!


Hi Kirk
Happy 01-01-10!!!


Poor dog! I'm scare of that thing.

Happy New Year!

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Happy New Year! That is definitely tons of good food! Things change so much year after year. It's kind of scary too see it past by so quickly!

Those dogs look so cute :).


Happy Happy New Year, Kirk!!
Looks like you had a good healthy feast, good way to start the year!

your doggy is sniffing one of my favorite fruits (^0^)

I miss your blog so much.. I hope to drop by more often.

ed (from Yuma)

Happy New Year. Nice to see da boys show up again in a post.


Hi Kirk,

Happy New year!

Yes, you should post the recipes for kinpira gobo and gomoku takikomi gohan. I always love to read your recipes. They always seem fun and never intimidating.


Hi Carol - Happy New Year! You had to watch out when that durian came down the chimney though!

Hi Santos - Thanks! Happy New Year to you as well.

Hi Dennis - Yes, that's Frankie.... and they love durian.

Hi Kat - I hope you have a great year!

Hi FH - It was a bit more low-key this year, but yummy. I hope you had a fantastic New Year.

Hi CC - Happy New Year!

Hi Billy - They actually love the stuff....once you get rid of the rind!!

Hi ETE - Da Boyz thank you! Yes, the year went very quickly, didn't it?

Hi Thess - Thanks for dropping by! I know you've been busy with school!

Hi Ed - Thanks!

Hi Lynnea - Thanks! Happy New Year to you(And Matthew)!


happy new year to u kirk! that last picture is funny. hope to see you and the rest of the sd crew soon!


happy new years!! food looks great :)


Hi Sara - Thanks! Happy New Year to you and yours!


Happy New Year my friend and hope you have a wonderfully filling 2010. stay hungry.



Thanks Michael - Our best wishes for a fantastic New Year to you too!


Happy New Year Kirk! Out of all the traditional Japanese spread that's at our house, my favorite is the sato-imo! Mmm! Hope you have a great 2010!

Btw, poor Panda!


Hi Kristy - Happy New Year! Our best wishes for a wonderful 2010 to you and MS.

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