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Thursday, 31 December 2009



Wow this brings me back so many memories! I lived in Pasadena for many years. I used to get the gravy drenched 'wet fries' at The Hat. Thanks for the post Cathy and have a great time tomorrow!


Pasadena is always a nice place to visit, Dennis. I would have gotten the fries, but, as you know, the serving is HUGE and then the variety of toppings is overwhelming (chili, tomato and pickles, gravy)...the sandwiches were enough. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, Cathy! It's just so amazing what they do with those roses. That pastrami sandwich looks delicious, btw.


Happy New Year to you too, Carol. Make easy resolutions this year. I looked at the other New Year/Rose Parade posts I've done and it seems we get pastrami each time we are up there(except last year when we stopped at the taco shop off of Azusa)...I love your new kitchen....been reading your blog vicariously...

ed (from Yuma)

Tina and thought about you when we were watching the parade. How many different floats do you work on? After hearing from you what is involved, it really makes the parade that much more interesting.


Glad both of you saw the parade, ed. There were 8 floats in the barn, but the day we volunteered it was pretty much repetitive, tedious work- separating the darkest purple petals off the irises (every part of the flower ends up being used), pulling off carnation petals, separating leaves from plants. No glue, which was a first. All the items on the Service floats are shared so we did stuff for everyone. On the 30th is when most flowers are cut and put into vials- all equal in height, as you can see. If you were to go to the viewing of floats today, a lot of the flowers are wilted...I didn't put in the photo, but may add it- the carnations are placed on toothpicks and not in vials, because they won't wilt as fast...and it is so much easier.


pastrami burger...yum. where do u recommend locally for good pastrami sandwiches? hubby is a sucker for them. =)


Good Morning, H. The pastrami sandwich at Woodie's is passable
Although not as fatty or as rich as The Hat serves. There also is one other place that slips my mind right now. It was greek/served gyros and pastrami. I'll report back when I think of it. Need to find another synapse...


Pastrami burger- Elsa's Kitchen.
I didn't comment on it, but will for the next burger week. Have not been there in a few months, but the burgers in general are excellent. Thanks for making me remember, H.


nice behind the scene pictures! and man, i haven't had the hat for a long time. maybe it's time to pay it a visit. happy new year to u cathy!


Thanks, Sawyer! I tried to get it posted as early as I could,but we had the Hliday Bowl on the 30th, and things aren't really finished until then. I did a short post on The Hat in 2006: The Mister had never been inside any of the locations,so this was a good day. Excellent food.


Nice to see these pix, especially of the Green Street Hotel! Quite grand! Must try that pastrami sandwich at the Hat! Wow!


We were parked just on the other side of the turret/archway, cc. I'm glad I took some photos inside and posted. This Hat location is just over the 210 on Lake Avenue, but there are many more on the time! (You'll really like the pastrami here)

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