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Sunday, 27 December 2009



Hey Cathy - This sounds like a keeper. I love the tea service......


Nom nom nom nom nom!


Hi Kirk-I notice other people ask for their tea at the end, but we ask for it at the beginning. It tastes so good from the glass cups.
Hi Chris. Nom!


Mmm...the chicken schawarma sandwich looks great. And for less than $4.00?! What kind of tea do they serve?


Hi again, Linda. You can get a schawarma, kebab or falafel sandwich for that price. The bread is pretty large and it is full. I could easily just have half a sandwich and split the salad and be satisfied. The tea is just a generic Ceylon, but with 4 bags in the pot, the flavor really comes out...The Mister had it with large spoonfuls of sugar for the first few glasses.


The sandwich does look quite large. Thanks for sharing your restaurant find with us Cathy! Happy holidays to both you and the mister.


Hi Cathy, the lamb sounds great. Especially with some of that baba ghanouj!


I hope you've had happy holidays, too, Linda. The breads at all of the places out here are quite large and are filled accordingly. It's great.

The lamb was excellent, Dennis. I have found places preparing baba gannouj so many different ways lately that I think that is my new quest this year: to try all of them.

Wandering Chopsticks

What a great find, Cathy! I wonder what makes Dubai food different from other Middle Eastern foods?


Looking at the menu, WC, there are kabobs and shawarma as well as tekka (cooked over charcoal). The dolmas are listed as grape leaf wraps, onion wraps and squash wrap with rice. There are some kobbas listed (crushed wheat pies) as well as potato pies and cream chops. In addition, shrimp, fish, roasted chicken,hamburger, pizza and wings are on the menu. But overall, the menu seems very similar to the other Mediterranean menus around here (cream chops, lamb shanks and livers, baklava...)I guess I'll have to go back to research!

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