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Monday, 14 December 2009



I love German food matter of fact I eat anything that taste good ;-)
Not to mention I was at a Wurstfest in New Braunfels and it was awesome to be able to sample a few German treats.BTW the pork schnitzel looks heavenly yummy.


Wow, the Mister would love this place. The pork cutlet looks delicious and even more so with some mushroom gravy on top.


This makes me Hungry for German cuisine, which seems to be more prevalent on the east coast (most likely due to the weather) But the Rare cold San Diego rain makes me crave it.


Hi Ed, this all looks wonderful! I think I'm going to be obsessed with semmelknoedel now.. sounds like a perfect side with all the tasty meats.


Wow, that looks even better than Suppenkuchen in San Francisco. That being said, the food there is awesome. I REALLY enjoyed their jaegerschnitzel. And it was REALLY hard to get a table.

ed (from Yuma)

New Braunsfels - now that's a German centered place. And yeh, the pork schnitzel was really good. I actually liked it with the lemon, Carol, for some reason.

Yeh, Chris, the German influence seems stronger in the East and especially Midwest. In Columbus OH, where I once lived, the oldtown was called German Village and it possessed a couple of German restaurants that I didn't much enjoy.

The semmelknoedeln was not a part of my family's cuisine when I was growing up, so I consider it a treat. In fact, Dennis, I'm hungry for some right now.

I've never been to Suppenkuchen in SF. I don't generally seek out German food, so I am impressed by the quality of DBH in Yuma. A limited menu, but what she does, she seems to do well.


hi ed
mmmm - the schnitzel looks pretty good! and that rouladen too!!!

my friends tolerate my OCD picture sad is this - my own daughter has already learned not to touch her food until i take a photo of it for my blog (only if it's a new dish i haven't documented before)! ha ha.


I don't blog, but I try to take pictures of food for scrapbooking. Once at a Chinese wedding banquet, the folks at my table were kind enough to wait until I took a photo before digging in. They even reminded me to take a picture when I forgot a couple of times.

The jaegerschnitzel looks yummy! I think I had something like this in Germany [will have to look for the photo in the scrapbook :-)]

Fat Fudge

Don't feel too bad. I'm Okinawan on both sides of my family and I never seek out Okinawan food.


AHHHH!!! *JEALOUS!!!* we dont' have good German food here. :(

ed (from Yuma)

Yeah, sandy and cc, it is amazing how friends adapt to one's peculiarities, even saying sometimes, "hey you need to take a picture of this."

And FF, I understand completely. My mother always told me to order things in restaurants that I couldn't get at home.

Yuma is lucky to have a German restaurant and a crepes cart. But we recently lost our Salvadoran place, and we seriously need a Pho and banh mi shop.



german cuisine differs very much depending on the region. The Kartoffelsalat (potato salad) with vinegar you had is served mostly in the south (bavaria and baden-wuerttemberg), whereas we in the north like our Kartoffelsalat with mayonnaise und pickled cucumbers. Same with the Currywurst with skin in the west, and without skin in the east. But what I most like are the different kinds of bread you can get here. There are more than 600 main types of bread registred!

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, M., I really miss German bread. My relatives are from just outside Stuttgart, and I've traveled enough to notice differences between regions. Years ago, I used to watch a show on educational TV called (I think) Deutsche Rundschau that was an hour long show that focused on the customs, scenery, people, traditions, and foods of little towns and subregions across Germany. It was amazing how each village, or so it seemed, had unique things about it.


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