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Monday, 07 December 2009



very friendly lady, not something you see too much around here.


I would be swimming in the hummus and yogurt dip. LOL - yummy graaaavy.


Hi Kirk:

You can also get this same type of bread, right off the grill, so to speak, at Athenian Market, a few blocks west of Ali Baba.



Braised lamb and okra stew sounds really great together. I need to check out both places one of these days.


Dude, You are my psychic friend. that was on my list to hit and review. Looks good and I really love the food that is popping up in El Cajon. Kinda reminds me of the Valley in LA.


Hi Kat - Yes, that made our visit pretty special.

Hi Bill - LOL! Not skinny dipping I hope! ;o)

Hi Ken - I noticed that most of thesec places make their own bread. Ali Baba's has been the best so far. We did drop by Atena Market....I think we'll need to call ahead and get their chicken. I believe you need to place your order 3 hours ahead of time.

Hi Dennis - If you like meat, you'll love these places.

Hi Mike - Lot's of places popping up in the area!


Food looks great, and then getting to see them make the bread sounded interesting.
Since El Cajon is a travel destination (more than 10 minutes from where I live) which would you recommend. Ali Baba, or Village Grill for a first visit?


Hi Stephen - I'd suggest Village Grill first, especially if you like meat. Ali Baba does a bit better with the Baba Banouj and bread.

Hannah J

Try the schawarma pizza there!!!!! It's so awesome!


Hi Hannah - First off, Happy Holidays, I hope all is well. Cathy's mentioned the Schawarma Pizza to I'll have to check it out one day.

Hannah J

Same to you! Stay warm!! (I can't believe it's raining...)

Yes, I have been to Ali Babas quite a few times... tried the baby quail (too much work), got the ginormous feast for 3, but my fave was stealing a piece of the pizza from a friend... wow!! :)

Nikki Sacks

Would anyone please, please, please be so kind as to get the hummus recipe from Ali Baba's restaurant in El Cajon, CA? I am totally in love with it! I've went there while traveling through So.Cal and could not get enough of it. I even ordered the largest size to go so I could eat it on the road. It's been two years since I savoured it and I truely have dreams of eating it. Please help me :) Sincerely with Hugs, Nikki

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