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Sunday, 22 November 2009



that does like a lot of food and not too expensive either.


Looks good. That baba ghanouj looks an awful lot like hummus. Looks like it maybe be worth the drive

ed (from Yuma)

Looks wonderful. But you got me thinking about a whole roasted lamb stuffed with rice. That sounds like a heckuva party.


What a true carnivore you are Sr.
That was alot of food.


Hey Kirk, you should have stopped by the library to say hi!

I just tried the shawarma at another Main St place the other day--Hammurabi. I thought it was great. The flatbread was amazing and really hot, and they give you a sort of lentil soup with your meal that I really liked.
Also, free tea!


Hi Kat - Yes, a good amount of food for the $$.

Hi Stephen - If you've never been in the area, I think it is worth checking out.

Hi Ed - Can you imagine the whole lamb, along with a whole roasted pig!!! Oh my..... I'd die with a smile on my face!

Hi Billy - We had a ton of leftovers.

Hi Jenne - he-he-he....a post on Hammurabi is coming up. I had forgotten that you work in the area....I should drop by. After all, I Love the Liberry!!!!


I keep hearing great things about Ali Baba and now I'm looking forward to your post on it.


That's very cool seeing your explorations of El Cajon's burgeoning Chaldean Community.

I love these people! They truly make me happy to be around them. The stories they tell! The suffering they endure, and yet they keep their faith!

Not to mention the number of Grandmas that cook foods probably eaten by their families for literally thousands of years...its just an incredible experience being with them.

If you are Christian and are interested, if you listen to the 'Arabic' they speak you will actually be listening to Aramaic...the language of Jesus himself!

Their foods are wonderful. They really are a treasure in San Diego!

Kirk, keep an eye peeled for the Food Festivals that the Caldeans put on in April/May at St. Michael's Chaldean church in El Cajon. They also have one at St. Peter's Chaldean Cathedral in Cottonwood, just south of El Cajon!


You know, after being here for almost two months in Oman, I can read some of the Arabic on the store sign. From right to left, it says: "Ahlan wa sahlan - laHm Halaal [...] (don't know the middle bit) - makulah al-3iraqiyya shahih" (Welcome - Halal meat [...] Iraqi specialties (?)" That's as much as I can come up with, hehe.


I love the pictures from the mother goose parade! That looks like a ton of food for two people, that was really all for one meal? you guys really had a feast.


Hi Lynnea - I'll try and get that done soon.

Hi MrM - I can tell you love the people. We've found them to be warm and generous. I'll be on the lookout for the festivals, thanks for the tip!

Hi Ed - Welcome back, we've missed your comments! You do much better than I would after two months...or in my case two years!

Hi FH - That was one meal....the portions are very generous, the prices very reasonable.


Mmm...looks like some yummy food. You should also try Cafe 21 in University Heights for some great Azerbaiijan flavors! They have delicious meals for any time of day.


Hi anrea - Thanks for visiting and commenting. I've been to Cafe 21, but only for lunch..... the few dishes that does have a "Azerbaiijan flair" to them seem to be very fusion-y.... but I'll be sure to check them out.

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