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Wednesday, 04 November 2009



wow, what amazing looking food. the little cups look so fun to eat.


Wow. The food looks great. Might be worth the trek to Santee.



ed (from Yuma)

Great report. Looks tasty.


I'm missing some good thai food in Ca. I need to make a trip back asap.

There is a Vietnamese version of that shrimp dish call goi tom. Just raw Texas Gulf shrimp de-poop and split in 1/2 soak it in apple vinegar for am hour. I don't know the rest of it since my dad makes it. LOL But the sauce is key to the success of this dish too not to mention the shrimp.

The Food Ho

Wow! Sab E Lee 2! Guess I have a reason to go to Santee now!


Awesome dishes and so glad you went the route you did for the first visit (aka, now I know what to try first)! I really like the fact that the 2 restaurants differ slightly, menu and size (at least a little bit). Gaw, I can't wait to try it!


Hi Lynnea - They were quite good.... and cute, which puts them right up your alley! ;o)

Hi Stephen - The menu is chock full of Central Thai style dishes, so it might be worth the drive.

Hi Kat - It was a nice meal.

Hi Ed - We were thinknig of you when we had the halibut.... I think you'll need to try it on your next trip out here.....

Hi Billy - Since you're out there, you need to get your hands on some Aguachile - raw shrimp "cooked" in lime juice...... heck, the name doesn't even mention shrimp too! ;o)

Hi TFH - Yes, you, TFP, CC, and Bert, need to check this place out.

Hi Carol - It was a nice change of pace. Of course, they still have many of my favorites on the menu as well.


hi kirk
we are planning to go there this weekend!


Hi Kirk, Wow, nice post and what beautifully thought out dishes. I will be there for lunch today.


Oooh the Kra Thong Tong looks delicious. I'm so glad you tried this place out. I wasn't so sure about going all the way to Santee, but your post makes me willing to make the drive.


OH MY!! Wonderful pics and post! I haven't been to either location and i'm all the way in north county. Which location would you suggest i go to (for my first try)?

Judy Lee @ TinkerWithFood

I'm baaaaaaack! And I'm catching up with your posts. I miss all the good SD food :(

Alice Q. Foodie

Wow are they already open?? That was fast. Can't wait to check it out!


I gotta go there! and try Kra Thong Tong -
last time I had it was when I was 10 years old or younger. Kra Thong Tong is even hard to find in Thailand.

yumyumyum, I can't wait to try it!!!


Hi CC - The food is a bit different, not as spicy as SEL, but here are some interesting items on the menu.

Hi Michael - I hope you enjoyed your lunch.

Hi Kirbie - The chef is different, so the dishes will be a bit different. There are also some intersting stuff on the menu.

Hi Faye - Since you really don't like sweet, I think you should try the Linda Vista location first. Issan cooks and dishes tend to be less sweet. Bangkok style tends to be sweeter.

Hi Judy - Welcome back! i'm sure you'll be rooting out some great stuff in no time!

Hi Alice - I think the infrastructure was all in place, so it was a quick change-over.

Hi Saya - I hope you enjoy yourself!

Hi ** - Yes, by all means give it a try.....


I made it to Sab-E-Lee tonight. The fiancee's grandparents (grandparents-in-law?) live in Santee, so we met them for dinner. (Also saw another mmm-yoso reader while I was there... wonder how much of their business this site is responsible for...)

All the food was really good. It was a bit slow to be served, though. Hopefully just some kinks in the kitchen that will be worked out as they're open longer.

And, as an added bonus, got to interact with a drunk/panhandler/general odd person in the parking lot post meal. When I declined to give him a ride somewhere, I got a very offended "Thanks a LOT!" Obviously he got the memo that I was the Santee free taxi... I was hoping to slip one past him.

Little Miss Contrary

Thanks for the great intro to the new Sab-E-Lee! Even though it is totally out of my way, I will have to try it anyway :]


The Kra Thong Tong is good. The three flavors halibut is OK for me. I think a lot of the food looks too pretty for me to eat. Somehow I think the food is better when Kobi is there. For example, the papaya salad was much tastier with more lime than the one on Linda Vista. What do you think?
By the way, I'm trying to work K. up to a level 8. She went from a 3 to a 5. LOL. Usually, with Chia around, we don't ask for a certain spice level.

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