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Tuesday, 10 November 2009



wow, that all sounds so good! one day I really have to travel just to SD to try some of these awesome dishes... seems like I'm reading about alot of Laotian restaurants these days


Hi Kirk - I love Larb Fish. My mouth watered just looking at the picture. Unfortunately if I want something like that around here, I have to drive about 1 hour to Fort Worth. Otherwise, I have to make it myself.
Sorry about the Mok Pa. It didn't look as appetizing from my end either. The word "Mok" is as you described it. It is mean the food is wrap in something then cook on an open fire like that on a brazier. Lao word for steam is sound more like "Noong".

Judy @ TinkerWithFood

that fried rice looking dish looks absolutely mouthwatering!!!


hey kirk, this place looks pretty good w/ your pictures and descriptions. raw shrimp? is it cooked w/ acid? it sounds pretty interesting...will def. put this place on the to try list next time i'm in gg


glad most of the dishes you tried met up to your tastes! also glad to hear you are feeling better :)


Hey Kirk, is that photo of the temple doctored at all or is it actually glowing like that?


Did know there was a place like this in OC. Wish I knew about it.


Nem khao? Wow, I love that dish! Is it better than cafe Asia? Do they have lao's nem in thy fridge for sale? I have the recipe for this dish.


such a fun post =)


Hi Kirk - loved the post! I feel awkward trying to order items off Asian menus. I am extremely bad with pronounciations. And I get laughed at by my significant other whenever I try to order Mexican food. He speaks Spanish and I don't. I think it's great that you attempt it. The nam khao looks yummy. I've always preferred mok gai over mok paa. Wow I'm getting hungry just thinking about all this Lao food. Thanks for sharing.

Wandering Chopsticks

That reminds me of a similar time I tried to order char siu bao. I'd say it, point, say it again. Then the waitress finally said, "Char siu bao!" Umm, wasn't that what I said? My friends couldn't stop laughing during the whole exchange.


Hi FH - You won't have to come that far South for this one. It's in Orange County, and much better than anything here in San Diego.

Hi Dallas - We were pretty impressed overall, only one clunker for this meal is a good batting average.

Hi Judy - Oh man, the textures are amazing....

Hi Sawyer - Just slightly cooked by lime juice..... like the naked shrimp at Sab E Lee, but this was better.

Hi Kat - Thanks, I'm fully recovered now!

Hi BlackBelt - Wow, you know, the Missus & I never even noticed that until you mentioned it. No the photo hasn't been manipulated. I think it's just the reflection of the sun off the gold leaf painted Stupa. Pretty cool though.

Hi Billy - This place is worth a visit.

Hi Tammy - I think it's better than Asia Cafe. And yes, there were fermented sausages in the bottom of the cold case.

Hi Lynnea - Thank you for reading!

Hi Mscinda - I'm glad that I'm not the only one that has problems with pronounciations.... ;o)

Hi WC - That's funny.....


Dood the tree on the right is glowing too. I think you may have actually captured some spiritual energy radiating off of the premises.

Btw long time reader and first time commentor, I've found some great restaurants off of this blog and I think you and I have really similar tastes, because I've often visited a restaurant and thought "Kirk would love this", and sure enough you end up posting about the spot later (Sab E Lee and it's former incarnations for instance)


Hi BlackBelt - Now you've got me wondering........ Thanks for reading and taking the plunge and commenting.


Long time no see Kirk. I have been to this restaurant recently. Food is actually pretty good. I actually like it better than Thai Nakorn. I still owe you one for skipping out on that lunch. I will make it up to you some day


Hi Beach! It's so nice to hear from you. I hope we'll be able to grab a bite soon and catch up on things! You don't owe me a thing.... if anything it's the Missus and I who owe you big time.

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