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Sunday, 01 November 2009



Ok, so just for anyone that ever sees me in a restaurant: I am not a WASP, I'm not even American! I'm a British immigrant. No, you can't pick up my accent straight away, because I'm from a region in the country that doesn't contain the Queen. But that doesn't make me American. NOT AMERICAN. Still trying to assert my non-Americanness in a sea of white Americans here. Not eating Pad Thai because I seek out easy food, but because it's like ambrosia from the gods.

Kirk - I actually came along to say we're picking up takeout from there on the way to our new house (we started moving last week and we're almost done). Zompus actually had the nerve to eat lunch there today without telling or taking me, and I was incensed. Should be getting the Lahd Nah... we'll see.


Hey Natalie - Congrats! Two interesting things, I don't think I'd mistake you for a WASP, you surely don't dress nor sound the part, and two, I know you know exactly the type I'm describing!

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