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Sunday, 01 November 2009



I agree if you make any ethnic food be true to it. What's the point if you don't?


I've been wanting to try the Isaan flavors of Sab E Lee for a long while. Anyhow, I'm really happy for these guys and best luck to them!


Hi Billy - There's an over-riding belief that flavors need to be adjusted for the "American palate", which has a grain of truth to it.

Hi Dennis - You should check them out......


hi kirk
i think it's great that kobe is opening another location. i'm going to miss him at the old place. we were just there a couple of weeks ago and he gave us the info on the new restaurant (address, opening date, phone #); he's super nice! anyhow, we plan to stop by this weekend. for us, going to santee is a bit of an "adventure". i'm glad that Kobe stuck to his guns about what he serves and doesn't "Americanize" his food.


I guess that is the same with the "Japanese palate" in Japan...great that you have a little treasure!


i love that the sauce for the beef salad is described as 'zippy'.


Oh, Kirk, another opportunity for an un-Kirk-like moment that would have been hilariously fitting. I've seen so many people at SEL that I just wanted to say, "Look, if you want it to be Americanized Thai food, then go to a restaurant that serves it so I can have your table. Thanks." It's great that Koby's done so well, but I'd have to say that the influx of folks who can't (or won't) appreciate his food are a small downside to that success. They hear it's good by word-of-mouth and then don't have the capacity to understand why.


I am here now. Nobody else is. Koby said it was busy at lunch and has reservatioms for dinner.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

That is a quick expansion. Hope Kobe has good success with his second restaurant. That Chicken with Spicy Mint Leaves looks so colorful. Would be a perfect dinner for me right now :).


I won't be able to make it out to the new location until this weekend. I can't wait!!!


Hi CC - I do think they have a bunch of more Americanized dishes at this location, but it is balanced out with more "Thai".....

Hi Kat - Nothing wrong with adjusting for your customers if it is done well. But sometimes I just want the real-deal.....

Hi Dave - LOL! That's funny, you have sharp eyes!

HI GF - The funny thing is, that I think SEL has kinda ridden that line fairly well...... but some folks just want what is familiar and safe.

Hi Cathy - I'm figuring that he's pretty busy tonight.

Hi ETE - It's one of the Missus's current favorites.

Hi Carol - Hey, we may see you there!

Little Miss Contrary

I'm so glad that Kobe and the Sab-E-Lee crew are doing well and opening up another location. Although I wish they would have just expanded into one bigger location ...


Hi LMCC - I think they were looking at larger places, but couldn't find one to suit their needs.....

Kirk, once again thanks to you I have a new place to lunch at near work! I gave their first location a try this afternoon and I can't wait to go back and try more menu items.


Is the new location cash-only?


Hi logovo - I'm glad you enjoyed Sab E Lee!

Hi Brian - When I spoke to Kobe he said he hadn't received his credit card readers yet for SEL2, but they do have Visa/MC logos on their menu - so you may want to give him a call:



Had dinner there last night and the food was excellent, as before. My wife had a curry dish that was not Issan style but still very well prepared. Judging from the sign in the window, they will soon have beer and wine available too.


I hate those WASP. Last time I went, I ran into 2 of those. Of course, they were eating Pad Thai.

I gotta try Sab-E-Lee 2 now.
I know I love Kobe, he also give us the kind of spicy we like.


K, Q and I are coming to SEL 2 tonite. Do you have any new dishes that you've tried and would like to recommend?


Hi Kenneth - I'm glad you had a good meal!

Hi Saya - It makes for interesting listening, though!

Hi Tammy - I left a message for you guys with Kobe - I hope he passes it on to you!

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