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Monday, 16 November 2009



Hi Kirk, loved the broth macro! he he. The "how I roll" phrase made me do a double take cause that was what I named my first Pho post a while back (on Pho Hoa). Your experience makes me want to rename it!


perfect all day long here!


I wish there was choices here too but then again it sure is a hassle to cook pho.


It's been so long since I've been to that location, I didn't even realize it was no longer Pho Hoacali. I'll have to check both places out. I can't remember what used to be where Pho Ca Dao is.


I miss my Pho * places in SD... Used to frequent Pho Hoa Cali and Pho Ca Dao in Mira Mesa when I lived there.

Haven't found a Vietnamese place in LA yet... got any ideas? Now I have cravings!


Hi Dennis - I'm sure you don't treat your Server the way this guy did. Hopefully, you don't "roll" that way.

Hi Kat - Soon to be the same here too!

Hi Billy - I hope you do get more choices in the future.

Hi Carol - Yeah, it's now Pho Hoang.... I think it's the same folks, though.

Hi Rosa - My goodness, there are a ton of Pho places in LA.... of course, it depends where you live. I only know of places in the SGV - here are a few. Oh, and Pho Filet uses filet mignon for their Pho.

Pho Huynh
9706 E. Garvey Ave.
El Monte, CA 91733

Pho Minh
9646 Garvey Ave
El Monte, CA 91733

Pho Filet
9463 E. Garvey Ave.
El Monte, CA 91733

Good luck.


Oh wow. Yah, the Ca Dao used to have a semi-decent Japanese restaurant. It might have been an Italian place for a while after that.

When I first moved to San Diego and workd in RB, we'd regularly zip down the 15 to Mira Mesa for our fix. I guess the folks are realizing they have an audience in the area.


Some people just don't know how to behave in public. Whether the server intended to tease or not, a little embarrassment was probably good for that narcissistic gentleman.


It's kind of hard to believe that Rancho Bernardo has *two* pho restaurants now! We'll have to try this Pho Ca Dao and see how it compares to the other branches.

Pho Hoang Express seems to have a broader menu, and they seem to have a lot of customers. I hope both restaurants do well.


Hi Jan - I think it's great progress....

Hi Lynnea - It did make for some interesting people watching....

Hi Sandy - I hope so too!



Have you you done a Pho tour of Escondido yet? People have been raving about couple places like the new Pho Lena and Pho Saigon who is the local favorite.


Hi David - I've visited Pho Saigon which I thought was pretty good, but my photos didn't turn out. I'll have to get up there......


Cool Kirk look forward to it. I have yelper friends who tell me Lena is even better pho saigon and there's a really good Banh mi san marcos not too far away that you could perhaps swing by.

Our house we are very very picky and finicky with pho since my aunt and uncle have eaten the best pho in vietnam so we don't eat pho around here unless we're really craving it. BUT I have persuaded them and we'll go to pho Lena this sunday so if you want I can email you some photos and tell you the low down on it if it's legit.


Just ate at Pho Ca Dao on sunday. For one the service was outstanding - they did a good job explaining everything to my parents, who are pho rookies. For another I don't think I ever finished a glass of water, they refilled it every time.

The broth I think has gotten darker, it definitely wasn't as light as it is in your picture. Mom and Dad had chicken pho and really liked it, i admit it was pretty tasty even if it might be sacreligious. I had a mixed bowl and the brisket and tendon were perfect. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Only negative were the egg rolls and spring rolls, weren't very tasty


Hi Loren - Thanks for the report! I'll have to get back up there. Pho Ga is nothing to apologize for; when it's done right it's very comforting.

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