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Thursday, 19 November 2009



aahhhhhh....portuguese bean soup! as far as i am concerned, no one can beat my aunty pauline's (she hated to be called aunty sabina). every family has their "family recipe" but i have only come across one recipe that mimics my aunty's, which uses ONLY portuguese sausage as the main meat ingredient, and is garnished with watercress. from a young age, i was always in the kitchen cooking with aunty pauline when there was a party going on, and the pot of bean soup was always simmering with the most modest, simple ingredients....maui brand portuguese sausage,tomato sauce, onions, van camps dark red kidney beans, hawaiian salt, sugar, potatoes, and watercress, added at the last minute. NO ham hocks, macaronni, carrots, was so good that at one time RUTH TAN from the BANYAN INN restaurant on front street wanted aunty pauline to cook this soup for her restaurant, but aunty never gave in. the ingredients are very simple but it goes by looks and taste...i couldn't give you an exact amount. but the BIG NO NO for her soup was NO ham hocks, NO macaronni, NO carrots. the must have was watercress! if she couldn't find it on maui, my cousins would have to bring the watercress from honolulu! aunty pauline is in kula hospital right now and i can only say that i have a living memory of her through her cooking, especially through her bean soup that only a few of her close relatives know how to prepare....


aunty pauline passed away last night (6/11/2010) i said earlier, my living memory of her is in her cooking that i learned from her.


Hi ahfook - Sorry I missed your comment, and for your loss. I'm sure your Aunt is happy knowing that someone is keeping the family cooking traditions.


Kirk, I think you'll be happy to know the hearty version of Portuguese Bean Soup is a Portuguese Azores Islands version (Corvo,
Faial, Flores, Graciosa, Pico, Santa Maria, São Jorge, São Miguel and Terceira0.

The New England whaling ships would stop in the islands to pickup fishermen crews for whaling hunts in Hawaii.

Some of the men would stay on and start new life in New England where I believe the macaroni got added.

Portuguese bean soup is served like yours in New England all different ways.


Thanks for sharing Ken! Happy holidays!

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