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Monday, 02 November 2009



love this Kirk--"And just because it was only 99 cents, I had a fish taco"


wait wait wait wait.
what did she mean 'sold the truck at 35th and university'?! i was just there last week. are they now under new management? gone for good? i guess i need to head over there for lunch today.


Hi Kat - Yes, I just had too... ;o)

Hi Dave - According to what She told me, the truck is still there, but has been sold. So it should still be there. So if you check it out, let me know, I'd be interested.


Oh yum. I've been wanting to check out this taco truck, and this location is much closer.


I'm with Kirbie ... this location is much closer to me, too.

I've done the same thing while driving - some sign catches my eye, but I have to concentrate on not runnning into something or worse, someone!

no wonder the truck wasnt there last week! I work in coronado and used to goto the Ocean Blvd location all the time. sad that its now farther. gonna have to find another seafood taco joint closer to work


Hi Kirbie - They are definitely worth checking out.

Hi Sandy - It's funny how those medians will creep into the center of the road, isn't it? ;o)

Hi Sammusubi - I think there are some good options in the area.... just think, this gives you the chance to explore!


They sold the truck on 35th and University? :(
I loved the Marlyn tacos there. I liked that they were smoky too. Did she say if it will continue with the same name? Guess I'll have to try it and if its different, look elsewhere. Clairemont Drive is a long way to go from North Park for a taco truck


Hi Stephen - It could be that the folks who work at that location bought the truck, so things might be the same!


All right!! This is more within my reach. Gobernadores para lunch manana! w00t!


Hi Jan - I hope you get a good one! Don't forget the spicy pickled onions and other condiments.


Are we going to do a taco trucks tour soon?


Hi Tammy - Hopefully yes..... I just emailed K to see about availability.

Masa Assassin

Hi Kirk, great stuff! I recently did a gobonador crawl (will post soon) and MG was number 1. I’m with you on the love for the GOB. A buddy of mine stated this MG had a surf and turf style taco that was very good. I didn’t see it on the Menu hmmmmm perhaps a trip this weekend to check it out. It’s so awesome to have this location so close. Awesome description on the Aguachile Tostada you have my mouth watering.


Hi MA - I look forward to that post! I really enjoy MGs aguachile tostada, it just seems right for my taste.


Just got back. The gobernador just made my day. Wow was that good. So go in fact, that afterwards, when some guy cut in front of me at Costco, I didn't care (didn't hurt that the new line I got into whizzed me through well before that guy).

I tried the callo (garlic), and it was splendid. The scallops could have done without the little muscles that you usually remove, but in a taco, a little bit of chewy isn't bad. It came with cabbage and crema. Very good. But I should have eaten the gobernador first. They put some sort of seasoning in those that just puts them over the top.

Note, there is a bikini-clad barista coffee stand at the same place. A regular blue collar paradise if you asked me. ;)


Hi Jan - That gobernador is great isn't it??? As for the coffee stand....I'll let you fill me in (no pun intended) on it! ;o)


Is this truck still working this spot? What hours?

I'm an out-of-town foodie coming to SD and looking for good eats. This truck (or another Marisco German outfit) is my target. I'm staying at the convention center/marina area, but can taxi anywhere in between meetings.

I see talk of truck at 35th and University.

Current, local, knowledgeable help please.


Hi Ralder - I was just going to do an update - this truck is no longer here. The truck on the corner of 35th and University is. Actually, Imperial Avenue is pretty close, there's a MG truck on Imperial Avenue as well as La Fachada and a new Tacos El Paisa location.

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